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Ankle Socks: Fashion Trend on the Rise

They say fashion is cyclical and the ankle sock trend is a definite case in point. These small but stylish socks have seen their share of highs and lows over…

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Here Are The Top Tips Asian Figures Need To Shop Plus-Size Clothes

Every figure is beautiful in its way, yet humans tend to discriminate against each other because of embedded stereotypes in their minds. As if that wasn’t enough, the fashion world…

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Which Are The Undying Models For Jewelry

Fashion is a capricious lady and not everyone can handle her whims. How can you look appropriate and stylish in every situation, without having to spend all your money on…

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Style Impaired Phony Eyelashes Make It Easy

Prestige commonly avoids the grip of the typical female, leaving her dissatisfied and angry. She is left to ask yourself how stars show beauty and also grace with apparently no…

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Fashion Designing – 9 Important Skills Requires To Become A Proficient Fashion Designer

The majority of the folks are already wondering how to become a professional fashion designer. To become a proficient fashion designer, then one will have to be perfect at sewing…

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