Marijuana Legalization Enters D C S November Ballot

Few things would make it clear to our politicians that the tides are turning in favor of legal cannabis than having it happen in their own backyard: this past Wednesday,…

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Would You Buy A House Made Of Hemp

Hemp was a cash crop from colonial times up until the beginning of the 20th century. It was grown for a short while during World War II to help with…

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You Can Be Fired For Medicinal Marijuana Use

You can be fired for using Marijuana during non-working hours. This seems to go against the intent behind legalizing marijuana. The intent was to treat recreational marijuana like alcohol and…

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5 Best Cbd Cartridge Vape Brands Till Now

CBD vape is a new device introduced by some companies in the past few years. CBD vapes provide you with the best method to consume CBD. CBD can be consumed…

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