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United 93 is a Powerful Movie. You Should See It

Last night I watched the movie “United 93.” on tinyzone, I find it very difficult to separate the real-life...

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Rusty’s Days 31

4/5/11: Counted 875 breaths so far today before stopping deliberately. I won’t make a habit of it, but decided...

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How To Become A Human Lie Detector

There are four different areas to watch when you want to know when someone is lying to you or...

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How to Become a Kansas Electrician

Kansas does not require a statewide license to work as a Kansas electrician. But each local area in the...

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Guide Money

How I Turned a Few Dollars into a Small Fortune

When I graduated college, I received what I considered a small amount of money in gifts, $500. Since I...

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Gaming Guide

Afk Arena- Beginner’s Guide

Sometimes it becomes difficult to start out on a new venture whether it is related to business or even...

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Arts and Entertainment Pets

Squirrels- Gift of Nature but With an Annoying Streak

Whenever we are out shopping, we make sure that it is strictly needed in the house at the moment...

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State of Denial on the Matter of Diabetes

Diabetes is always someone else. But it isn’t. It’s us, you and me. I have the disease. The rest...

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Five Ways to Deal with Hearing Loss

Having trouble hearing? You’re not alone. As we get older, it’s not uncommon for many of us to suffer...

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Home and Living

Eight Things You Should Avoid Putting Down Your Garbage Disposal

If you are looking for a quite garbage disposal and tips on how to properly maintain it, you are...

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