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How to Shape and Groom Eyebrows at Home

It is amazing the difference your eyebrows can make in your overall appearance. Eyebrows that are not well maintained make your entire face look tired and not pulled together. You may take care of yourself, but unruly eyebrows are distracting and will cause people not to notice the rest of your beauty. Eyebrow maintenance needs to happen on a regular basis. Going to the salon every week or two can get tiring, and even though salon eyebrow costs are minimal they still add up. It is possible to care for your eyebrows at home and get great results. You just need the proper tools and techniques. Here are some tips.

  1. Asses the Best Shape for Your Eyebrows – You need to start off with a good eyebrow shape. You don’t want them to be too bulky or too thin. You don’t want a uni-brow and you don’t want eyebrows that start too far off to the side. You want a slight arch, but you don’t want to be overly dramatic. First, you need to determine what parts of your eyebrows need to be tweezed. You need to imagine imaginary lines going up from the inside corner of your eyes to your eyebrows. This is where your eyebrows should start. You want to remove the hair between these two lines, but don’t go any farther over or your eyebrows will look over-plucked and unnatural. Your arch should be directly above the center of your eyebrow. The higher the arch the more dramatic the effect will be, but you do not want the arch to be too high or for your eyebrows to be too thin.
  2. Prepare your Brows for Tweezing – Before you tweeze you will want to rub ice over the brows for 20 – 30 seconds. This will numb the area and make the tweezing process less painful. Take an eyebrow brush and brush your brows in the natural direction of hair growth. This will make stray hairs more apparent.
  3. Tweeze – When you are ready to tweeze you will need to make sure you have a nice pair of tweezers. Slant-tip tweezers work best and allow for more accuracy. My favorite tweezers are the Revlon Expert Tweezers with a Slant Tip. You can buy these at any drug store and they cost around $7. Tweeze the area that you pre-determined would be tweezed in Step 1. Take your time and be careful to pluck at hairs and not at skin. If you choose to pluck the hair above the eyebrow take extreme caution. Make sure that you are actually plucking stragglers and not your eyebrows themselves. If you happen to pluck at skin and bleeding occurs then stop what you’re doing and apply an antiseptic cream to the area.
  4. Accentuate – After you have tweezed your eyebrows into the perfect shape it’s time to accentuate this new feature. Use a brow pencil close to your natural hair color to define your eyebrows and fill in any gaps. I love Clinique’s Superfine Liner for Brows which is $13. Maybelline’s Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil also works well and it is about $7. Make sure to use light strokes. You do not want to overpower your eyebrows.

To help you more on getting your brows done, you may also consider checking some of the best tutorials online that you can get from reliable studios like NYC microblading. You can also get essential tips on how you can have perfect eyebrows.

If you follow these steps then over time grooming and maintaining your eyebrows at home will come naturally to you, and you will always have fantastic looking brows!

Which are the best CBD oil treats for your pet?

Pets are an integral part of a person’s life, especially dogs. Dogs are one of the most faithful animals and people who have dogs as a pet share a fantastic bond with them. Keeping dogs as pets is a great responsibility as you need to take care of them like your child, feed them on time, and keep a proper check on their health and wellness. There are various products used for treating dog health issues, but one of the most effective and highly popular ones is CBD oil. You can check all the available coupons here to get some fantastic discounts on the top CBD oils for dogs.

CBD is a chemical compound obtained from the plant of cannabis. It has various fantastic health benefits not only for humans but for animals like dogs too. CBD is highly beneficial in treating specific dog health issues such as anxiety disorders, low appetite, inflammations, heart problems, etc. There are various brands of CBD oils for dogs out there in the market, but you must pick the best one.  If you are planning to buy CBD oil for your furry friends, then you must have a look at these top CBD oils for dogs.

Some of the most amazing CBD oils for dogs


If we talk about CBD oil for dogs, then Paw CBD is irrefutably the top product. It is manufactured in the US but is used by dog owners all over the world. If you have a limited budget but want CBD oil that is of great quality, then Paw CBD is the perfect option for you. It provides some of the best cbd treats for dogs and that too in varying dosages, which starts from 300 mg and goes up to 3000 mg. The price is highly affordable, which allows you to buy a high quantity at much lower prices. All CBD products from this bran contain coconut oil and peanut butter, as these two ingredients are loved by dogs. Paw CBD also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows you to return the oil within 30 days and get all your money back if it doesn’t offer you the promised results. 

CBD oil by NuLeaf Naturals

When it comes to CBD products, NuLeaf Naturals is a well-known brand in the market, and it also offers products like CBD oil for dogs. The pet CBD products offered by this company are completely natural and highly safe to be consumed by your pet dogs. There are organic as no kind of preservatives are added in them, which increases its safety to a great extent. You can get NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for dogs in three types of concentration; 250mg, 725mg, and 1450 mg. The price is quite low, and you can easily get it under your budget. You can order it over the Internet, and it will be shipped to you in a few days.

Honest Paws CBD oil

Honest Paws is another excellent brand offering amazing CBD oil tinctures for your dog. You can pick the strength of the oil according to the size of your dog. There are mainly three types of oil tinctures available; 500mg, 250mg, 125mg. You must choose the strength according to the weight of your dog as if you don’t be careful; it can lead to overdosage. You must limit the dosage upto 1 ML per day no matter what strength you have chosen. You must not exceed the limit as it can lead to some side effects. It is fantastic oil with CBD extracts and can help you to keep all the health problems such as inflammation, pain, anxiety, etc. away from your dog. 

A Fishing Trip that Ended Before it Started

My father-in-law and I have been fishing a lot together, and over the years we have had some great times and landed some pretty nice ones. There was this one time, though, that we both not only thought it would be our last fishing trip, but our last time to do anything.

The fishing hole down on the river was a little bit hard to get to, but we were determined to wet a hook there, so we parked on the side of the road about a mile north of the river. We began hiking along through a pasture by the side of a railroad track. As we were walking, we came upon an old wooden railroad trestle that was a couple of hundred yards long and twenty feet or so high off the ground. We had a choice to make. We could go around the bridge, which would have added considerably to our walk, or we could cross it.

We were in a hurry to get to the fishing hole, so there was only one possible decision. It was unanimous, we would cross the trestle. We paused for several seconds to listen very carefully; we could hear no sound of an approaching train. We were about half way across, and feeling pretty good about ourselves for our courage and cleverness when it happened. The wood of the old bridge began to vibrate, and the rumble and whistle of an approaching train filled our ears.

We were excited and apprehensive at the same time as we didn’t have an idea where to turn to or what lay ahead because the way forward was dark and we had nothing to use for self defense in case of any trouble except for a few crappie poles.

Before long, we knew there was no way we were going to make it across. We were too high off the ground to jump, so there was only one thing to do, dive for a crossbeam and wait it out. Dad, being older and more experienced than I, piled onto the beam first, and shouted, “Come on out here.” I jumped down beside him, and sat no more than a couple of feet from the nearest rail.

Thinking about it now, a line from the old Bluegrass song, “In The Pines,” by Bill Monroe, goes through my head. “The longest train I ever saw went down that Georgia line.” The longest one I ever saw went across that Texas railroad trestle. I was shaking both from fear and from the swaying of that old bridge that was surely going to collapse with the train coming down right on the top of us.

Finally, the caboose sped by, and we thought we would be on our way down to the river, until I turned my fishing rod up in to the air; the final six inches were broken off and dangling back toward my reel. For the first time, it hit the both of us just how close we had come to either being run over by a train, dying of heart attacks, or both. We decided to just go home.

Even though he was as scared as I was, Dad has laughed and retold this story a million times, always emphasizing the part about my broken fishing rod, and that I told him I never got into such scrapes until I started running around with him. He laughs, as he retells his reply: “Well son,” he said, “I guess you are just hanging around a better class of people now.”

As we were driving home, to deal with his own unsettled emotions I guess, he told me another story. He said, “It reminds me of the time my great uncle fell off a bluff in the middle of the night. Fortunately, he was able to grab the limb of a tree on the way down and hang there until first light. When the sun came up, he looked down and saw that he was only about a foot off the ground. It made him so mad he just hung there the rest of the day!”

For the time being, his funny story kind of settled our nerves, but to this day I cannot hear a train whistle without noticing a spike in my pulse rate, feeling again the swaying of that old bridge, and seeing the broken rod tip again. Now, as then, I realize few things feel as good as having both feet on solid ground.

United 93 is a Powerful Movie. You Should See It

Last night I watched the movie “United 93.” on tinyzone, I find it very difficult to separate the real-life scenario and just watch it as a movie. As far as the movie itself goes all I can really say is “Wow!” As far as a movie goes this is a movie that had me on the edge of my seat. I knew how it was going to end, but I was still rooting for the passengers.

My friend Scott put it best after the movie ended when he stated, “I haven’t seen a movie that had my heart pounding that much than that one.” At one point, where the passengers were making their final attack on the cockpit and the terrorists when I picked up a cup to take a drink of water. My hands were shaking.

This is a powerful movie. While this movie was reviewed six ways ’til Sunday when it was in the theaters it has only been made available recently on DVD. This is a movie worth seeing. This is a movie that will shake you to your core. This is a movie that will have you on the edge of your seat. This is a movie that will probably make you very mad.

It tells the tale of Flight 93 practically in real-time. It does an amazing job of avoiding anything too cheesy or stupid by not filling the plane with fictional people and disaster movie clichés. There’s not a pregnant woman. There’s no young woman with an illness. This movie was made with the help and the blessing of the families (for the most part, as far as I know) and, from what I have heard, made with a strict desire to be as accurate as possible.

The movie doesn’t make any real judgments. Even the terrorists are shown as being human. The lead terrorist on the flight is shown as a man who is nervous, maybe even questioning. His hesitation in initiating the plane’s takeover is one of the keys that made the plane late and allowed the passengers time to find out what was going on, develop a plan to try and take the plane back, and then initiate that plan.

There wasn’t an attempt, that I saw, the over-dramatize this already dramatic story. Yes, there is a musical score. Yes, there are times when the passengers are in great peril. However, the real passengers were certainly in great peril. The phone calls the passengers to make are taken from real recordings. The “let’s roll” is said off-handedly and not a point where the entire movie stops and a spotlight put on the passenger who said it. The actors are generally non-familiar faces and this allows them to act as a group. You do not identify one particular actor that can take you out of the movie. We are right in the middle of them. The camera moves like a documentary. You feel like you are right there on the plane with those people.

The story of what happens on the ground is as compelling as what is going on in the air. This is the part of the story that is likely to make you angry. This is the part of the story that led to a conversation with the people I saw the movie with. The frustrations the various officials involved with the air traffic in the area run into just trying to get information, getting the correct information, and then deciding, and getting the authority to act is aggravating.

We discover that most of the planes and the military were involved in a massive exercise that sent most of them away from New York and Washington D.C. There are several exchanges were military officials want to know if the high-jacking is real life or simulated. Then no one can actually get anyone with any real authority on the phone to guide the people on the ground and tell them what they should do. Should they shoot the planes down? Two planes get sent to D.C. but they are un-armed. Should they be allowed to ram the passenger jets and the eject? No one can give that order besides the President and no one can find the President. At one point two jets take off and head over the ocean instead of to D.C.

The bad intel goes from one person to the next. The officials at the FAA and the military advisors end up turning on CNN to get the most up-to-date information. Then someone says American Airlines 11 has not hit the World Trade Center but is still in the air and headed for D.C. At one point there is a dry-erase board filled with possible hi-jacked planes. No one is sure at first if the plane that hit the World Trade Center is a jet or a commuter plane.

I remember being that confused on that day. I was slightly sad to learn that the people who I thought would have more resources and better intelligence were just as confused as I was while I was sitting in my car and heading to work. For some reason, I don’t think the military should be just as clueless as I am and that they should have access to more information than I have when I am driving to work.

This is a movie that will probably leave you shaken. It is a movie that will leave on the edge of your seat. Just as a movie this one is very well done. It is filmed well. It is acted well despite the plethora of non-actors. You will feel like you are back there again witnessing those terrible events.

This is a movie that will probably leave you wondering and leave you talking long after the credits have rolled. This is a movie that will probably leave you sitting in your seat in silence once it ends.

Once it’s over you’ll wonder if things have really gotten any better since September the 11th. Have communications really gotten any better? Have safeguards been put into place that really makes us any safer? If something like that were to happen again would the military be able to get the response that they need and would they be able to act quickly enough to stop them?

Since then the British have announced they broke up a massive plan to blow up ten to fifteen planes. The terrorists were using elaborate bottles of liquid with false bottoms that disguised the explosives as a sports drink. I think this means they have gotten a little more clever. They are still dangerous. They are plotting the next big thing. Will it be bigger than 9/11/01? Sadly, I think they want it to be. Sadly, I think it might be.

Rusty’s Days 31

4/5/11: Counted 875 breaths so far today before stopping deliberately. I won’t make a habit of it, but decided to repeat yesterday’s first couple hours. I have more than enough habits. Spontaneously coasting along with them is easy, and doesn’t cause me a lot of trouble. I am suffering from the long term results of habits I have and have had. I also have a number of current habits I am working on changing. If, taking an honest look at yourself, you see no need to change anything in how you operate, I congratulate you. I also suspect you didn’t take an honest look, or that you are not aware of the long term as well as immediate effects of what you do on both yourself and others.

I find it takes considerable effort and awareness to change any long standing and substantial habit. I’ve written of these efforts in previous articles. But I haven’t looked at the relationship between the timing of awareness and changing habits. To get rid of, to eliminate an old habit, you have to be aware of what you are going to do before you do it. Making up your mind to change it, being grimly determined not to do it again, making a New Year’s resolution, all are massively ineffective means of changing a habit.

Only one thing works: paying attention to, being aware of, your next moment’s activity. Each time you recogonize an intention to repeat the habit, make a choice: deliberately go ahead with awareness or don’t do it. There are laws aimed at helping people change some habits, but it is impossible to pass laws against all the things we do that are harmful to ourself or others. For the customers, resurge customer reviews will be available at online search engines. Complete checking should be done through the person to purchase the supplements for weight reduction. The diet in the lunch and breakfast should be great to get the desired results. The habits of the person should be good for the purpose. 

For example, the laws against smoking in restarants: smoking anywhere is a habit I dropped on my birthday in 1972. The last time I was tempted to smoke was while driving at the start of the first trip I took after stopping smoking. For a considerable time before quitting, I made sure I was aware I was going to smoke and made it a deliberate choice to have that one more cigarette. By keeping the habit in constant awareness, never letting it operate spontaneously, finally quitting was a relief rather than something that took effort. It was “Thank god I don’t have to stay aware of and work on that damn smoking habit any more.”

Losing weight isn’t that simple. It can never be all or nothing, we do have to eat. Mostly our body gives us messages that help us not become overweight. But advertisers give constant messages and opportunities to ignore what our bodies tell us. Anyone, and I suspect this is true of most overweight people, who says after eating, “I’m feeling really uncomfortable, I ate too much,” wasn’t paying attention. They have established a strong habit of ignoring body signals that they might have noted much earlier.

Again, the timing of awareness is a vital factor. Had they been aware of, paid attention to, the signals their body was giving while they ate, they wouldn’t have had the discomfort after. They also would not have ingested the extra calories maintaining or putting on more extra weight.

It takes time to establish or re-establish a habit of paying attention as you eat. Once that habit is there, it takes little or no effort and enjoyment of eating is vastly increased. When each new bite is a choice, would the peas taste better now than the applesauce?, enjoyment is vastly increased. The question of wanting another bite can become automatically repeated throughout meal without even interferring with the conversation.

I could go on applying the idea that the timing of awareness is a crucial factor in our life, but instead will mention one dream. It was of making a 3 rail billiard shot. I didn’t record it, and haven’t recorded any dreams for several nights. If Buddhist theory is right, most people use one means or another to avoid some of their thoughts and feelings. I wonder if I am doing that in not having recorded any dreams for several nights. I’ve been doing inductions but no recording. Am I not paying attention to what my dreams are telling me? I was pleased with the shot, actually it was 5 rails. I did enjoy 3 rail billiards the two times I played it a number of months. I wouldn’t now, too much standing. Am I missing something from this simple pleasant little dream? Please comment below …

How To Become A Human Lie Detector

There are four different areas to watch when you want to know when someone is lying to you or not. The first area is body language. Someone who is lying will have limited facial expressions and movements. For example, a liar will speak with few hand and arm movements and the movements which they do make will be directed at their own body. The entire body is contracted when a person is lying, this causes them to take up less space. Often times, a liar will avoid making eye contact. Generally they will glance down and to the left; the brain causes the body to do this when the imagination is at work, hence the lie. This movement is opposed to an honest person who will look to their right as their brain accesses memories. Usually their hands will touch their face, especially the neck and mouth. Many times a liar will touch or scratch their neck or the area directly behind the ear; this is an effort to relieve the pressure they feel in telling the lie. The most unlikely movement a liar would ever make is to touch their open hand to their heart or chest.

The second area to consider when detecting a liar is the emotional gestures and contradictions. The most noticeable change is in their display of emotion. The display comes later than it should, stays longer, and stops suddenly. When a person is lying their gestures or expressions do not match their verbal statements. For example, the liar says “I love you” but is frowning. When someone is faking their emotions their expressions are limited to the mouth. An example of this would be a liar smiling only with their lips for a photo as opposed to their friend beside them who has a smile that affects their eyes, cheeks, and mouth.

The third area to consider would be a person’s interactions and reactions. Someone who is “guilty” would become defensive when asked a question, whereas someone who is innocent would naturally go on the offensive. A person who is lying is not comfortable facing their questioner. For example, a lying would stand with their entire body or just their head turned away or to the side, or if they are sitting they might sit crooked in their seat. Someone who is lying subconsciously wants to build a wall between themselves and their accuser and this would cause them to place objects, such as a coffee cup or book, between themselves and the person questioning them.

The fourth and final area to watch for a lie is verbal context and content. Liars tend to use a portion of the question asked in their answer. In addition, someone who is lying tends not the use contractions in their responses. A person is who uncomfortable with the idea of lying may avoid doing so by not making direct statements. Someone who does not want to lie generally use implications instead of direct replies. Liars usually neglect to use pronouns in their speech and often speak in a monotonous tone. When a person is not tell the truth their words may come out confused and spoken softly, and their grammar and syntax may seem off. Put more simply, their sentences are more likely to be muddled rather than emphasized. Lie detector test uk prices should be checked for you to find out that the best detectors in the market.

When detecting a lie it is very important to observe a combination of body language and other cues. Keep in mind that these cues only give the ability to make an educated guess as to whether a person is lying or not. Whenever it is possible, the above behaviors should be compared to a person’s normal behavior. Otherwise someone who has shifty eyes as a result of a lack of self-confidence and self-assurance could be taken as a cue for lying.

How to Become a Kansas Electrician

Kansas does not require a statewide license to work as a Kansas electrician. But each local area in the state can require an electrician to register or get a local license. Requirements can vary by city or county. Those seeking to work as electricians need to check with the local building department. They can then set out to qualify and get a license to work as a Kansas electrician.


Step 1:

Find your local building department or the department of the place you would like to work. For example, if you are from a small Kansas town and want to move to the big city, then keep in mind that each local area can have different qualification requirements for Kansas electrician licensing or registration. So you want to check in every place where you think you might want to live.

If you do not know the location of a local building department in Kansas, just ask any electrician or other Kansas contractor which office handles electrical licensing and registration in that area.

Step 2:

Find out from that local building department how to qualify for work as an electrician in that Kansas city or county. There is no way to say exactly what the local qualifications will be. You just need to check locally because of the lack of uniform state rules for Kansas electricians.

But you can get some idea about how to improve your chances of getting registered as an electrician in various Kansas areas. For starters, the electrician industry typically relies on apprenticeships, testing and education.


Most locales will probably not require a specific education at the lower levels, as the electrical industry relies heavily on actual experience for licensing purposes. But it can never hurt to take college courses and especially get a degree in electrical engineering. Some electrical trade schools also exist but would tend to have less value than a degree from an accredited college or university.


Experience under the supervision of a licensed electrical contractor can also be important if you want to work in various Kansas counties or cities. Many states require experience even for those with a four-year degree in electrical engineering.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of fake contractors out there with fake certificates and license that are looking out for a chance to earn quick bucks so you need to exercise caution and one way to do so is to visit where you can find the best and most genuine electricians in this field.


Many states require you to take an electrician exam. Although there is no statewide Kansas electrician exam, it is possible that a local area may require you to take some sort of exam. What you should be doing is finding out the study references usually used to study for these electrician exams. If you go to, you can look up candidate information bulletins for various state electrician tests. These bulletins give you the study references. Purchase these references and be familiar with them as you get ready to apply for a license as a Kansas electrician.

How I Turned a Few Dollars into a Small Fortune

When I graduated college, I received what I considered a small amount of money in gifts, $500. Since I had saved money working part time, I didn’t really need it for supplies or anything. I had won a scholarship too so between that and a student loan, tuition and room/board were covered. I had read somewhere about investing, or heard from someone. I didn’t know anything about it at the time. In fact after I did what I am about to tell you I forgot about it and didn’t continue it for many years. So what am I referring to? Investing. that’s right, a kid just starting college, I invested it.

Since I didn’t know what I was doing, I blindly invested it in a fund a friend’s Dad told him about. I went with the Vanguard S P500; Index Fund known by the stock ticker symbol: VFNIX but there are many good ones out there. This one tracks the S P500; performance. That means it replicates the average performance of the top 500 Large Cap Corporations in the U.S. For me, it was an experiment, kind of like digging a hole in the ground and planting a time capsule. The funny part is I didn’t think about it again since I had set it up. Back then, no one was using computers so, “out of site, out of mind.” Fortunately for me, it was a ‘no load’ fund and the fees were the best around. Since I moved around a lot in those days, I never received the statements that were sent periodically, or maybe my friend’s Dad took care of things, I don’t really know because we’re no longer in touch. it was a long time ago, mind you.

One day about 20 years later I was reading something and paused to reflect and then I remembered about the investment. I was in middle of moving and found a box with some old records in it. I found the receipt that I had from opening the account and contacted the brokerage with my account number to check in on it. To my amazement, it was no longer worth a measly $500, it had accrued interest at an average annualized rate of 11%, annualized before taxes. That amounted to over $4,000! Even accounting for inflation and taxes, it was worth over $3,000. If I convert this dollar euro, it could still be a huge amount of money. I realized, it I did not invest my money, or if I spent that money in buying some worthless things, it could not turn into something I did not expect.

By then I knew a great deal about investing and decided to withdrawal it and invest it myself on line with various stocks I chose. A couple years later that amount gained at 22% and I turned that $3,000 net gain into an additional gain of $4,000 (in only 2 years, not 20), for a grand total after taxes and fees of approximately $6,500. But if I would have let it ride another 18 years to match my original investment, with a gain at a more sustainable 15% it would have become worth $80,000 before taxes and fees. But I don’t have that kind of patience.

So that is what I consider the best use of graduation money. For those of you that have gotten more than that, just imagine the possibilities of investing your money. And if you are contribute to it annually as well, it can work out even better. For those of you Wall Street “nay-sayers” out there, keep in mind that this kind of return is what I averaged over 3 major stock market crashes (one in the 80’s and a little one in 2002 and recently in 2008. If you were fortunate enough to receive $5,000 and invest it at 12% over 25 years, after taxes and accounting for inflation it could be worth over $50,000.

Afk Arena- Beginner’s Guide

Sometimes it becomes difficult to start out on a new venture whether it is related to business or even the entertainment front because there is cut throat competition in each and every field these days alongwith blatant nepotism where the elite class individuals try to pushover their spoilt brats over genuine talent.

However, we are going to take things on a lighter topic that concerns with entertainment because it is the most popular among the youth brigade right from the times of yore but today it has acquired a more upgraded and modern look.

During the 80s and 90s, video games and comic books were a norm and it was difficult to find a household that did not have either of them, especially the former where super Mario, Contra, Swat Kats, Ace Ventura, etc. were quite a craze.

New Era

Well now times have changed and while the video games have not lost their old world charm and continues to be an object of passion for the 90s generation, the newer kids on the block have the smartphones in their hands right from a tender age with much more advanced gadgetry.

AFK Arena is an excellent find in the recent times that has taken everyone by storm due to its thrilling adventures where there is a surprising element just around the corner at regular intervals that would distract you from the mission.

The new era of the 21st century has proved to be a savior for games that were losing their sheen due to the advent of social media where popular mediums Facebook, YouTube and Instagram had virtually taken the entire country into its grasp and had the pulse on every age group.

Fortunately, AFK Arena changed all that and soon became a favorite of game lovers who could now get away from Candy Crush Saga and Catch the Coins and satisfy the adventurer in them.

AFK Arena is an action packed adventure that was developed by Lilith Games but the makers were immensely skeptical of releasing it because there were already a dozen games that were still not tried out by the people so they didn’t have high hopes about their venture.

This might seem difficult to believe but Lilith Games were thinking of entering into a joint venture with other reputed companies like Nakamoto that invented Pokemon because they did not want their game to fizzle out even before it began, which had been the case with numerous other ones of similar genre.

Thankfully for them, AFK Arena became a roaring success and today you cannot find a smartphone in existence from Apple or Android that doesn’t have this in their list and this is a testimony of adventurous venture to have stood out among some of the best games in modern times.

Tips for New Entrants

While AFK Arena might be a game of thrills, you need to practice immensely in order to master it within a short span because the levels are quite tough and need to be managed with care.

Some important tips to do so are as follows:

  • While studying evocative invocations, use the collected gems in an orderly fashion and never borrow equipments from any stranger as you will find them eventually as the game progresses on
  • Create a tier list of heroes and dispose of the green ones as they are the weakest link in the army that are not meant for delicate missions
  • Preserve the rewards found during the different levels as they would come in use for the final lap of the journey where you battle powerful foes

On a final note, AFK Arena requires tremendous focus and a lot of patience to get through and is not for the faint hearted who are expecting a regular adventure with heroes, heroines and villains.

Squirrels- Gift of Nature but With an Annoying Streak

Whenever we are out shopping, we make sure that it is strictly needed in the house at the moment and would last for a longer period of time and only then do we go ahead with the purchase.

There are certain occasions when we blindly purchase anything that the shopkeeper gives us and quotes much higher than the market price but we are in such a hurry that we get befooled and end up with a huge loss.

Everyone has a garden in the backside of their house these days as it has become a practice to take up gardening after retirement for something to do while others start it right from childhood.

Controlling Menace

Is it possible to find any person in existence that does not like gardens? It is considered a sacred place for nature lovers as you can find its numerous gifts coexisting amongst each other like numerous flowers, lush trees, watered grass and so many others.

It is also full of domestic animals like birds, squirrels, etc. and also the perfect place to take your pets out for a morning and evening walk as the doctors always advise to walk for a few hours as the greenery provides you with a perfect platform where trees give out oxygen that is good for health.

The squirrels too delight in being pampered and fed but just like with children, this pampering makes them a bit spoilt while the birds are satisfied with bird seeds and desire nothing more.

There is also the nuisance of rats, rodents and bandicoots that tend to play spoilsport by chewing up the wood or leaves sometimes for fun and therefore it becomes important to control their menace.

Now keeping them in check is no rocket science provided you know how and where to look because where there is a will there is a way and the main reason why most people fail in managing the animals is due to their carelessness and negligence towards their attitude.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrels don’t hesitate in stealing bird seeds that rightfully belongs to the birds and it becomes annoying to handle them after sometime but that does not mean that they are bad and notorious but just a little naughty as it is their pamper induced attitude that is the problem.

Therefore, to keep them from stealing bird seeds, there is an ingenious solution at hand that would protect the birds’ food and they are called bird feeder that is quite an excellent tool to manage the situation.

Some of the best bird feeders are as follows:

  1. Caged Feeders- They are basically metal tubes that are resistant for certain garden animals that prevent squirrels and rodents from chewing off the seeds in their vicinity as they are constructed accurately and even large and more aggressive birds like the eagle
  2. Decorative Feeders- As the name suggests, the design is unique as it is decorated with attractive colors and multiple layers
  3. Bluster Plus- Now this one is a bit more interesting as it is a product of Brome has a warranty of nearly two years with a booby trap mechanism designed to trap squirrels whenever they are near the target but here it is important to mention that they don’t cause any harm to the young whippersnappers
  4. Perky Pet 336- It is made up of steel with a unique design made from leaf that deceives the squirrels into believing that they are closer to greenery but has a rigged mechanism that entraps them once they start chewing on the seeds
  5. Brome 1500- It is caged in metal format and the moment a squirrel climbs into it, the cage door automatically seals itself


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