What Do Guys Find Attractive?

So, what do guys find attractive? Well, looks may often be the first step in attraction but they sure won’t get you the guy. And there are plenty of women, who, whilst they may not be drop-dead gorgeous, know how to inspire loyalty, adoration, and commitment in a man. They may not consciously know the things that guys find attractive but somehow they just seem to radiate what men want anyway. Looks may get you to the first date but if you haven’t got the other things that attract guys, then you won’t get very far in turning dating into a relationship.

Whilst some things that guys find attractive are subjective, such as hair/eye color, height, dress sense, and intelligence levels, there are some traits that can turn a man off very quickly and others that can serve to turn you into the goddess that he will never want to let go. Here you can learn the traits and qualities that men will find attractive – when you work on developing these qualities in yourself, guys will start to find you irresistible:

Femininity and Softness

If you think about the traits that you find attractive in a man, you will no doubt name some of the masculine ones such as strength, direction, purpose, and generosity. And yes, this works the other way. Men are bowled over by those ladies who present a feminine presence. Guys find femininity very sexy.

It is so easy in this day and age for us to emphasize masculine qualities, as we tend to do in the workplace and to continue this when we leave our jobs at night. Men love the feminine in us. They find it very attractive. They are suckers for a soft voice and feminine clothes and accessories – the dresses, the heels, the fluttering eyelashes, the painted nails. Show your feminine, nurturing, soft and loving qualities and you may find him powerless to resist.

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Personality and Passion for Life

If you want to have interesting relationships with anybody, then you need to have a life and do things that you can talk about. Men want a woman with her own life. When you can talk with passion on subjects that interest you in a positive, expressive fashion you give off a kind of magnetism that other people will love. It’s all about having fun and being alive. It’s OK – in fact, it’s positively essential – to show that you have your own personality and opinions, and know-how to have fun – if you want guys to find you attractive.

Allowing Him His Own Life and the Space to be Himself

It’s not all about you and what you want if you want to attract guys. You must give him the space to do the things that he wants to do without you. When you give him the freedom he needs then you can gauge how much he wants to be with you. If he’s not asking to spend time with you, you can let him go, because he’s not going to be the one for you. Either you’re not attracting him enough or he’s not looking for a relationship.

Quite often you will find that when a guy doesn’t fear losing his freedom he will open up and want to be with you. When a man has the space to be himself, and the time spent with you is fun, then he will love his time with you and this will help to inspire him to feel that you are the one. When you allow him to be himself, you intimate that you trust him and are happy with whom he is. This feels like freedom to a man. This is what men want and he is much more likely to want a relationship when he feels safe and his space isn’t threatened.

Being Happy and Secure in Yourself

What men find attractive is when you are happy, and he doesn’t have to work to make you happy. That is such an attractive quality. When you feel good about yourself and secure with yourself, then he will be impressed. When your happiness isn’t dependent upon him, he will feel freer and love to spend time with you. Of course, this goes hand in hand with the fulfilling life that we mentioned earlier and not having expectations that are way above what he is prepared to give at that particular moment. These are the things that men look for in a woman.

When you value yourself, enough to have strong boundaries, to stand up for yourself, and not to allow yourself to be taken for granted, then he will adopt that value of you that you place upon yourself.

Smiling is a most attractive quality that you would do well to adopt in his company. Make sure that you are happy, secure, and able to appreciate him before you find a relationship as these are the qualities that will get you through.


Confidence and independence are attractive traits to a man. When you combine these with the qualities above, you become extremely attractive to a guy. These are the qualities that men look for in a relationship. So what do guys find attractive? Now that you know, you can work on improving yourself, rather than fixing him. If he needs fixing, then that’s not your job.

Finally, be patient and don’t expect too much too soon. Men take longer to make decisions about relationships than women so it pays to let them take the lead and not get attached too soon. If you find that you’re struggling with dating, then help is available. Take it and take it slowly and it will all come together in the end.

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