A Dummys Guide On How To Fix My Relationship

Relationships are a lot like plants: they take time to grow and blossom, and require tender loving care and a nurturing hand. When a relationship is in its early stages, people tend to treat it like fragile glass, careful not to nip the bud.

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However, many couples soon make the mistake of taking their relationship for granted, and this is where it all begins to go downhill. Just like when you fail to prune and water a plant, relationships also wither and die when not handled properly.

Unfortunately, couples only realize this fact when their relationships are already in dire need of saving. Many of them wonder, “How do I fix my relationship?” instead of looking for preventive measures to ensure that their relationships stay healthy and happy.

The answers to the question “how can I fix my relationship?” are actually pretty simple and based on common sense. However, to follow through with solid action is a different matter; it takes willpower and a real desire to fix things between you and your partner.

  1. Don’t just talk; listen

Never forget that a relationship is a partnership between you and your significant other—which means that you are not the only person who has the right to talk and share your thoughts.

Oftentimes, misunderstandings arise when one party fails to listen to the needs of the other. Failing to listen and understand what your partner is saying might lead to further complications and bigger problems in your relationship.

Listening is one way to share your partner’s burden, especially if he/she is undergoing a personal crisis of some sort. It makes your partner feel loved and cherished, and will help build mutual trust between the two of you.

  1. It’s not just “your” problem

When you ask yourself, “How can I fix my relationship?” it often indicates that you are viewing your relationship as your problem solely as an individual. You forget that there are actually two of you in that relationship and both of you might be to blame for what happened.

Fixing relationships need mutual effort coming from both partners. You can never fix things between you if you are alone in your endeavors. You need to talk things over with your partner and try to find solutions that are acceptable to both of you. It’s also the best way to deal and negotiate some things that have been causing you to fight and argue all the time.

  1. Ask for help

If you feel that things have gone too far and you can’t solve your relationship problem on your own, it’s time to ask for help. If you can’t be around your partner without feeling hurt or angry, you probably need a third party to help mediate the mending process of your relationship.

You can start off with mutual friends who have no vested interests in your relationship. These are people you trust who won’t mess things up or worsen the situation. Or better yet, it might be time to seek the advice of a professional counselor. It might help you open up better if a third party is present, especially if mutual trust and the very foundation of your relationship are in question.

  1. Go back to square one

Sometimes, when things feel so broken between you and your partner, it is best to start off with a clean slate and begin a new chapter of your life together. After all, everything has already been said and done—what matters now is that you’ve managed to talk things through, and everything has been forgiven, if not forgotten.

So, next time you ask “can I fix my relationship?” know that you can. You and your partner have the power to change the course of your love affair, as long as both of you are willing to grasp the steering wheel and hang on tightly to your love for each other.

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