Pokémon – Have To Catch Them All!

I remember the time when I used to watch old cartoon programs that were all dubbed in Hindi, for our better understanding. Soon after watching these cartoons and series, I would often relate myself to a certain character and support that character regardless of the rights and wrongs. I would dwell so much into these fictional cartoons where this became my very own comfort cloud, and I would occasionally act the scenes and even make sounds just like them. 

Certain cartoons and serials have had a deep impact on me, and I just can’t let it go. Some people call it an addiction, but I choose to call it dedication. Likewise, there are several programs that we watched as kids that we just can’t let go of, and if someone mentions their name, we would internally blush. The cartoon series that I was talking about is none other than the Pokémon Series. 


This is a cartoon series that was created by a Japanese franchise company. Their target market was kids and teens who would collectively watch their shows. Hence these shows were screened worldwide and dubbed in multiple languages to bring people closed and share ideas. Soon this company became well recognized and was actively taken and founded by multiple other video game companies; in this series that are about 898 Pokémon species that are all different from each other and have their respective owners. 

The Ultimate Pokémon Universe

This is one of the set fictions created, and there are various other forms of the universe under this. Numerous regions shave been used to develop this game; most of them speculate that these regions were inspired by Japan, France, and the UK. Each region has its specific laws and areas that the trainer needs to follow and complete the quests and overcome challenges in the gym, criminal groups, and contests. In different regions, you can spot Pokémon, and you can collect them from area to area. 

In video games and books

Since there has been proper widespread of the internet and the basic understanding of gaming. The company took a step ahead and went on to introduce Pokémon in video games. Certain quests need to be played to receive the reward, and these series were often kept in a systemic and chronological order. With every new generation that was passed in the game, there were innovations and implementations of ideas as well. These then spread to non – verbal media, which is none other than books, manga, anime, and even trading cards. If one did not have the privilege to own a video game box, then they could collect these rare collection cards, which by now would sell within millions. Back-to-back spin-offs of the episodes were shown to attract children of all ages. The comics and manga were internationally a best seller and were the main target to the South East Asian Countries, where they collect these comics. 

Pokémon Trivia

Most often, trivia is the knowledge of little things useful in later stages in life. But for every die-hard Pokémon fan, one should know the smallest details as well. To test it out, one can go on the internet and play Pokémon trivia. These are nothing but quizzes that help you in determining what type of Pokémon you are and will question your intellect by asking you a series of questions that dates back to old and new Pokémon, what powers do each species have, which Pokémon won against who, and if one can’t answer these trivia questions, then you are not a true fan.


All these trivia is a fun way to express your understanding and knowledge of a game that is dearly loved by everyone. 

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Jesse Waters is head content writer and article at God Men. He found out about his love for writing when he was struggling with cancer. His works are very sensitive and he writes with his heart.


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