The Drawbacks Of Lovers With A Colleague

There are important points to keep in mind before having a relationship with someone from your work.

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Although dating with a colleague is wild, adventurous and exciting and another way of have more enjoyable time in the office, there are important points to keep in mind before having a relationship with someone from your work.

These points, are critical points in a small office environment such as yours for employees that are trying to build a good career.

Size Matters

Small offices may be terrible to have a relationship with a colleague. Being in love with someone with one of the people you work with is not recommended in any work environment however especially small business environments could have been worse since both personal and work-related issues are followed by everyone.

On the other hand, it is natural to feel something for someone which you are in close contact with a person day and night constantly. Although large office environments generally create few personal areas, the little ones have tendency to create the intimacy for a romantic relationship.

There are enough suitable conditions.

Also when you get close with a colleague all roads that you need to be omitted to achieve it.

You are already in constant direct relationship with your partner on a daily basis. You will speak about life and business, you will drink coffee together, and perhaps you go lunch together. In this way all the preliminary stages of a relationship already occurs.

You Should Take a Step or Not?

But at what point you should take the next step and really decide to enter into a relationship with your colleague? This also will determine your future in the work. Our advice to you is to; review potential advantages and disadvantages of this relationship that can bring to you in your new career progress before taking important decisions.

And then you should ask yourself honestly, “It worth for the disadvantages it will bring to me?”

The Advantages

As in many new relationship, the real excitement would be in the first phase: flirts, confidential e-mails, smiles and sexy looks, jokes and letters. All of these are the advantages that can make the long and challenging day easier for you. Let’s also check out more and better advantages.

When you get up in the morning you will feel revived, you can not wait to see him or her dressed in his or her best clothes and the smile on his or her face when you enter your office. Perhaps a “good morning” kiss on your cheek but of course concealed from everyone.

If your partner is the beautiful girl in the office, you will also feel yourself lucky and you will see yourself as the best looking guy in the office with this new excitement in your life.

However other men in the office will realize this, they can be a little jealous. But you do not to care them, any way you will think one is the bee’s knees.

You will go out to lunch together. Another boring office lunch will turn into a hearty lunch appointment or maybe to a flirt, fun or perhaps a quick sex.

In your special moments you can find something new to talk about when your subjects are stale since you spend 40 hours per week by working together.

When you have work-related problems here will always be someone to share them. In the same way, you will also be with him or her when he or she wants to get a little breathing.

It can be much more exciting to be together in the office during the day or being away from the gaze of others.

If you have good chemistry with each other it can be good to work in a group together and even you can complement each other in some works.

The Disadvantages

As with everything in life, the good always comes with the bad. But when it is bad, it is really bad.

When things do not go as you want, whether it’s personal or work-related issue, maybe it will be the last thing you want to create extra pressure on tension on you and your lover in the office. When this cold and hard tension will increase it can really blow your head. The worse is people in the office will witness to this tension. This is not good at all.

As you spare time to each other during the working hours you will isolate yourself from your other colleagues. The worst thing you can do is keeping yourself away from your friends especially the ones developed a good personal relationship. When the dream beast will begin to show itself in the office you will find yourself in as a foreign person in the office and you will have to devote extra time to re-establish the old relationships and gain their trust back.

When things will be even harder, it may be difficult to escape from these in a small office. But as this is a chance, your workspace may be right next to his or her and it is not possible to ignore him or her all week. It will be more possible to do that in a larger office.

Office gossips will also reduce your chances of promotion. If your boss will notice that you are more interested in your relationship than your business you may have to write these small love notes on the pink panties.

No matter how much your colleagues are very excited about your private life, they always try to catch you in the act. If they realize that there is something between you and your partner they will do everything in their hands to reveal it. If you are caught in a particular situation during office hours this will mean that you are done. This alone will severely damage your professional attitude.

If he or she is having a bad day, guess who will be the first one to hear this at work? Maybe for a while during your private time.

If he or she is having fluctuations in mood clearly you will be the number one enemy of his or her.

Breaking Up

If you are responsible for the end, he or she may want revenge and can turn your business life into a hell. He or she can even try to put you in hard situations.

On the other hand if he or she will end this, you can be the challenger side and you can seek your own revenge. The worse is your jealousy will be revealed when you see him or her flirting with other employees, in lunch or just see him or her continuing his or her life without you. Such unrests always affects your job performance in a bad way.

Finally if you start gossip about other employees about his or her or talk cheap about the times you spend together in your private times, it is very likely to backlash on you.

Give professional decisions.

Yes you own him or her. If you will find yourself in such a difficult situation, act like how you will feel right. However do not forget to evaluate the good and bad sides of this relationship while you are on the way to chaos in your career.

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