Heres Why Runners Should Do Cross Training

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to fitness is doing the same thing day in and day out every week. Cross-training can help you prevent injury and stiffness and get stronger and faster.

How I got from 10km to marathon running injury-free

When I first started flirting with fitness four years ago all I used to do was run. I did the odd 10km race and ran a whatever-felt-good pace – no watch included – until I decided wanted to level up and aim for my first half marathon.

I struggled with knee pain and ITB badly until I started adding strength training to my routine. I mixed up my running routine with S.W.E.A.T1000 and got leaner and stronger and successfully ran my first 21km. And then another and another and another… Until I decided to level up again and go for my first marathon.

Running like this can really leave your body feeling fatigued and tight and injury-prone, which I was. At this time I started practicing yoga in-between the long runs. You was I TIGHT! My muscles had shortened and I could barely touch my toes. Regular yoga practice really helped me strengthen up muscles I wasn’t using, aided me with stretching and flexibility (I was very bad at stretching after a run) and helped improve my breathing.

Fast forward a couple years and now I’m doing triathlon training: swimming, cycling and running – and still some yoga in the mix! I also have a coach now, who has designed a programme specifically for the type of cross-training I’m doing. Steve Atwell is a certified IRONMAN coach and level-2 triathlon coach. Here, he gives us some insight into the benefits and importance of cross-training.


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