Grave Before Shave – Beard Grooming 101

There is no such thing as a “nice beard” by chance. If you encounter a person with well-groomed whiskers who appears to be in good health, it’s because he’s taken the time to do so. Wearing contact lenses is one thing; how he takes care of it influences how good it looks—even if his goatee is redder or smaller than others. Males with good beards also don’t have dry or itchy skin. Their girlfriends don’t get whisker burn, and the men don’t spend the entire day scratching at an itch. Their necklines are well formed, and their facial hair is styled to perfection as well. It boils down to three essential elements to do this on your own: paying attention to the edges, cutting as needed, and feeding both your scalp and eyes. Grave Before Shave is the key.

Don’t worry if you don’t carve your neckline correctly. It’s difficult to know exactly what you should do, and it’s easy to make a mistake. Necklines that graze the cheeks or the bottom of the chin are common. Others, on the other hand, grow a neckbeard. However, there is just one way to do it correctly, no questions will be asked. To define the standard for the bottom of the stubble, bring your index and middle fingers along above the Adam’s apple. Setting a line with your trimmer or razor from this spot directly across the neck, then trimming the hairs below, is a good idea. Shave a “U” shape from of the back of both ears, but behind jawline, starting just above the Adam’s apple. This is your neckline, and it should be the neckline of every man. There will be no dispute.

All you want to do is follow a few basic steps with your cutter to combine your bare collarbone into your beard, similar to how a barber blends the sides of your haircut into the broader top. Close your clipper completely with a one-guard. Trim the beard to a length of one inch. This will result in a gentle contrast. Then, for a more consistent contrast, remove the shield and trim half an inch into the 1-guard line. Over the span of one inch, the beard grows from bare neck to shaved head.

Even though it’s only a short strand of hair, the mustache demands more care than you’re providing it, especially with regard to trimming. “Maintain a regular ‘resting’ face when trimming, to ensure your mustache is because of all expressions,” says one step to a happy trim. Some guys may say to themselves, “I need to get rid of this hair,” rather than “I have to preserve my skin healthy.” If this describes you, you could be at risk for soreness, illness, and shaving burn over and around your neckline. Take your time grooming around the beard, just as you’d a full face-shaving procedure. It takes time to shave properly. Make sure your epidermis is clean, even if you’re only keeping long hair and grooming around other patterns. To avoid sensitivity, ensure sure the pores are open before beginning and carefully sealed afterward. That’s why, before applying a strengthening beard balm barrier, you may start with a warm shower and ending with a cool splash of water.

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