Enjoy winters in the Comfort of your Fireplaces with the best Firewood.

The wood of any form (saw, round, or split) intended for burning in a fireplace, stove, oven, or other similar device is referred to as firewood. Typically, they have not been subjected to any mechanical care. They come in two varieties: dry and green, and both contain moisture. The latter isn’t thought to be the best for combustion and are linked to the issue of air pollution in big cities. 

They are usually short, ranging from 25cm to 40cm in length. At σκουλαρικια, they have the firewood from six different locations across Attica, and they are proud of the high quality of the items they provide. The majority of their firewood is cut at 35-40 points to suit 95 per cent of Attica’s fireplaces. However, they will cut them to 20-25 points if you ask them to use small fireplaces, wood stoves, and stoves.

Woods Available:

Throughout the winter, the fire in your fireplace or stove provides warmth and cosiness to your home. The flame of the kitchen, on the other hand, keeps the house warm without costing a fortune. As a result, it’s critical that the wood you buy for burning has outstanding thermal and energy efficiency, great functionality, and, of course, a good price-to-quality ratio. They have a variety of woods. The first is olive wood, and the olive tree is inextricably linked to Greece; it is the country’s symbol. It produces a high-quality flame that lasts a long time. When burning, it emits a woody aroma as well as a sweet oil flavour. For burning, they can use both the trunk and the root.

Holy Wood, its consistency is comparable to, if not superior to, that of the olive. The oak woods are easy to light and burn slowly, so the fire in the fireplace will last for hours. They’re hard to come by, but a small quantity can keep your fireplace lit and your home warm for many hours. Beech Wood Beech burns quickly and leaves a small amount of ash in the fireplace or stove. Gives a greater flame with a lower density. The woods are softer than oak and olive, but they last longer than pine and do not produce sparks.

Pine Wood, pure pine, which has a strong flame and burns similarly to beech and torch pine, is thought to be ideal for lighting. Pine will directly heat your fireplace and your room due to its high heating efficiency. Fir-Wood,, on average, achieve a mature height of 10m – 80m and a trunk diameter of 0.5m – 4m, resulting in a significant amount of wood to use. Because of their high resin content, they are considered an ideal lighter. Their soft texture and surface make an excellent base for the “hard” wood you’ll use next.

Which wood to choose from?

Since certain types of firewood emit odours, they can’t be burned, and they can’t all be burned at the same time. Instead, other materials can be used for “lighting” and “primary combustion,” respectively. The most common types of wood in the country are the ones mentioned above. 

Apple, cherry,and almond trees, for example, grow high-quality wood as well. Oakwood is commonly used because it creates a strong flame without causing any problems and has a long burn time. Pine trees should not be used as primary firewood due to the resin they contain, as it is extremely flammable and dangerous for uncontrolled burning. Bear in mind, however, that the availability of firewood in your area has a significant impact on the type of wood you burn. For example, on the islands, olive is widely used, while in mountainous regions, beech is preferred.


They are leading suppliers of firewood and sell dried wood from drying chambers to homes and businesses, with over 40 years of experience. Their woods, which are of excellent quality and always dry, are delivered to your door within 24 hours of your order. You can select the wood you need from a large range in their firewood shop, always at the best selling price.

Their many years of experience, which has been passed down from generation to generation, has given them such a thorough understanding of the work that they can assure you that a blend of olive, beech, oak, and pine will provide you with a high-quality burning experience, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace.

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