Card Safety Tips During Your Vacation – Know about them 

The travel season is the season of theft. Right from the moment you have checked in to the fancy hotel that you’ve booked for your holiday stay, chances are that fraudsters and criminals could be targeting you while you are busy debating over a dinner or worrying about exchange rates.

Cvv Shop will guide you about the safety measures to protect your card from steal and other problem. You need to know about them to have the protection for the money available in the money card. The shop is providing a lot of benefits to the individuals to have the desired results. 

Well, you already know the basic rules of how to keep your card safe. Things like keeping the cards with you all the time, being vigilant of your surroundings, hanging on to receipts are some of the many mantras that would keep you safe on terms of card safety. But as it, you are on a vacation, there are a few more things you might need to take care of.

Here are a few..

Share your itinerary with your bank

Well, let’s assume you live in the US, and you charge for a dinner with your card in Australia. Your card issuer, in this case, may smell a rat and suspend your card right away. If you don’t want to face such awkward situations, make sure you provide your bank a rough idea of your upcoming trip to be on the safer side.

Pack smart, pack light

Don’t carry all the cards that you have. Line up your cards and pick only the ones that you widely use. Also, make sure that the cards you’ve picked are typically accepted where you are going. Taking an ATM card or a debit card is a good idea because these cards are the best for getting cash, and can prove to be handy while getting the money in a foreign currency. You might also want to keep a card as a backup in case things go south.

Lower your cash withdrawal limits

Debit cards are your best bet for withdrawing cash. Also, they are equally good to exchange currencies. But, one thing that you would need to do while travel is to call up your bank and request to lower the card withdrawal limit, temporarily. In case your card gets lost and someone is able to access it, you are going to lose a great deal of money.

Keep a list of emergency phone numbers

Having the phone number of your credit card company written in a diary can prove to be a great relief in the even that you have lost both your wallet and your phone. This will help you report your lost or stolen cards without having to find the nearest cyber café, look for the phone number, go to a telephone booth, talk for half an hour before your card gets blocked.

Enquire about card security at the hotels

Always use a credit card to pay for your hotel, rather than using a debit card. Credit cards are immune against lousy identity thefts. Also ask the hotel manager if the computers have either an encryption or tokenization technology. This helps in protecting private information.

Be mindful while signing receipts

Do you happen to always sign receipts without having a look at it? Change this habit right away. You don’t know how much you have been charged by the merchant; chances are that there is some sort of a mistake and you are likely to have overpaid which can prove to be very, very expensive at the end of the month. So, make sure that you have signed the receipt only after checking it thoroughly, and don’t forget to pick your card.

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