Criminal Records Searches Searching – How To Search About The Records

While performing criminal records searches online, you must be carefully looking for certain definitive characteristics and qualities on the website you are using for searches. You must find out, how big and how comprehensive is the database, this website providing you the access to. You must also find out how strongly the website stands behind the results provided. Is there a warranty or not? Are you paying only for what you need or want, or you are going to end up paying for a bunch of unrelated crepe that you don’t even need or want? Then and then only searching criminal records can be successful.

Criminal records searches are multi-axial. There are many national, state and local, criminal and civil records databases which, when provided with a carefully combined, altogether access, through a high quality search technology, provides the right, optimal and required results.

With the help of free background check US, you can get the correct information without spending of money. The results are available without any special requirement of spending the money. As a result, you will get to know about the background of the employees. 


Unless the search has a full, comprehensive, direct, fast and high tech access to all related and required databases, you are very likely to end up having at least sub-optimal results, and sub-optimal results do not serve your purpose. You need complete and comprehensive results. That is the ultimate purpose and goal of searching criminal records.

Search’s inability to access, incomplete access or inaccurate compilation of results from any critically important source of information, may result into missing of necessarily required information. This access include, but not limited to national Social Security Services, all state DMVs, all national, state and local criminal courts and law enforcement agencies. Not every service provider has full and comprehensive access to all of these sources.

Even if they have the complete and comprehensive access to all of these databases, there search technology may not be good enough, there database and results organization may not be high quality. There servers may be slow and weak. Try to get satisfactory answers to all these questions before making any investment in it.

To find the answers, you run a sample search of your own name or telephone number or address or social security number or driving license number. Before putting your social security or driving license number there, please, be hundred percent sure that the site and your data is hundred percent secure. Any standard site should allow you to do that as a trial, before asking for a payment. See the results and analyze them for there accuracy. Note if the results cover the areas of information you are looking for. Make sure how quick the required information came back? How comprehensive it is? if you are satisfied in all these aspects, then and then only pay for the service or services.

Since after the rapidly growing popularity of these sites, both in personal and business customers, many scams have surfaced. These fraudulent sites may not even have access to the required and needed databases and may not be able to provide you, what you want or need. They may be using this scam to collect personal information for fraudulent financial transactions or identity theft. They may also be selling the collected information, to people and companies, God knows buying this information for what? The purpose / purposes could anywhere from hundred percent legal to completely criminal. Whatever the reason, you don’t want to share your personal information, anymore then least possible. Also, be sure that if this is about applicants and potential employees of your company, then, they trusted you with this information. If it gets compromised, you and your business may have to face dire consequences, including reputation tarnishing media scandals and very expensive law suits, often leading into business closures and bankruptcies, and even jail time and heaviest fines.

If this is about a personal relationship, and you compromised his personal information right at the beginning then, you should have no doubt that you may have ruined your relationship with your soul mate or someone you were possibly looking for a long time or with whom you may have spent the rest of your life. This may cost him serious losses in case of fraudulent financial transactions or hard and protracted headache in case of identity theft.

So, while criminal records searches could be highly beneficial for your business and for your personal relationships, if used and done properly, they may cause you lots of headache, as well, if your sensitive data gets into the wrong hands. You have to be really careful while choosing a website for these services. The surest sign of a secured website is that it’s address starts with https and many operating systems and browsers like Windows and Internet Explorer, automatically check the security certificates and notify visitors of the site if security certificates are expired or invalid, when they log on to that particular website, usually through a pop up notification.

Once you are satisfied that the site is fully secured and it fulfills all your needs, then, go ahead and start searching the criminal backgrounds of people you want to search for. Usually you have to provide one or more of the following particulars of the person you are searching for: name, address, telephone number, social security number and driving license number. Website will tell you if there is any criminal record attached to this person or not. If any criminal record found then, you can go ahead and find out the details. Now, you can retrieve the information and analyze the severity, gravity and frequency of the offense or offenses. Usually you can also verify the date, time and place / places where offense / offenses occurred. If privacy issues are not involved then you may also be able to get information about the victim / victims and severity and gravity of loss and / or trauma attached to crime. You may also be able to find out, if the criminal was penalized and how much, if he or she served any jail time or not. If these were old crimes then how long the person has been clean or not at all. In the light of all this available information, you can make a very well informed decision about hiring or not hiring this person or in case of personal relationships, if it is worth and even smart to have a relationship with this person.

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