Microsoft Is Shuttering Minecraft Earth Permanently In June 2021! What Is The Game All About?

Whenever you talk about the successful games in the history of mankind, then the very first thing that can strike your mind is the different Minecraft games. Minecraft was launched and developed many years back in the year 2009 and since then, the game has been in the news due to many of the obvious reasons. One of the big reasons why a game has gained many good things is that people who are the target customers of the games or the one who are gamers get many things new as the new updated comes in the market.

The basic plot of building a city is so constructive feature of the game that promotes the ability of a positive atmosphere and that is all how people are making use of it. The best part about the game is that there are many updates in the game, and they are all related to technological advancement altogether. And by now, the technology has gained a lot, leading to the gaming level to improve at a faster and much stronger rate of providing fun and entertainment.

Minecraft earth

As you know, that original Minecraft game was launched in the year 2009 and it is a little bit older in version compared to the games available in the market. In this highly competitive world, it becomes really very much necessary that you keep on updating yourself and only then can you get the chance to manage things right. It is not the thing that you need to take the worry about in any other world, but it is also highly important in the gaming sector or gaming world only.

One will probably have to bring new updates to the game that will connect the person to the new technology, and people will drive crazy to play the game. The Minecraft Earth is the best way in which technological advancement was added in the field of gaming and that too with collaborating with a gaming giant like Minecraft.

Minecraft Earth can be seen as a typical sandbox game of the Minecraft community that will have the same concept of building the city as the other Minecraft games use to have with them. The best part about the game is that it is available for the mobile version of the player and anyone, no matter he or she owns an android mobile or ios is eligible to download and play this game on their device without any type of doubt.

Features of the game are:-

  • Free to play:-

As you might have noticed that many of the games that were launched in the year 2019 and after that are the one which were available for people free of cost. That means all of them can be seen as the best games and one can surely enjoy it without any type of doubt. The same is the condition of the Minecraft Earth game. It is also free to play a game, and you can also enjoy many of the features once you get the minecraft free account.

  • Works on all mobiles:- 

The game is not the one that you will have to play on your laptop or on any other play station like the device; it is actually the one that you can download on your mobile. The game is developed for both android and IOS users, and you can surely enjoy the best out of it.

  • Based on new technology:

Well, the game is also based on the new technology in the world, and people can usually make use of it in the best possible way. The game is highly based on the camera and the android version of your mobile as it is the one where you will have to use your technology in the best possible way.

Why is it shutting down?

There are the following reasons that are calling for the permanent shuttering down of the game and you can go through the mentioned below:-

The game is not a great success in the field because people are complaining about a higher lag in the game while playing it.

Another big reason is that since the game was launched after a few months, the world is was hit by the outbreak of a virus that put all of them in-house. The game is dependant upon virtual reality, and hence the player needs to step out of the house. Since to break the chain of virus, it is important to shut the game down!

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