How to create a personal brand to get verified by Instagram?

Instagram is really regarded as a powerful social marketing platform for both individuals and brands. Getting verified on Instagram is really considered to be the Holy Grail that everyone is looking for. The so-called blue tick will not get you views or increase your reach, but it certainly has great significance because it helps your Instagram profile stand out. 

There are several means and ways by which you can get verified on Instagram. You can either buy Instagram verification badge, or you can request the verification. But in most cases, this request gets denied. The best way to get this badge is to build a personal brand for you first and then request the verification. The chances are that you will get verified in this way. 

Concentrate on the quality engagement over followers count

So many profiles with millions of followers get their verification request denied just because they have less engagement. On the other hand, some profiles have less than 10,000 followers, but they get verified because of their active engagement. The active engagements in terms of comments and likes play a crucial role in getting verified on Instagram. The AI of Instagram receives thousands of requests each day, among which they deny most of them if they lack active engagement. Hence, you really should focus on active engagement.

Create a personal website

Creating a personal website that will have all the details of you will certainly increase your chance of getting verified by Instagram. The verification is given to noteworthy profiles that have enough public interest. You do not need to be a celebrity per se to get the verification.

Instagram regularly does background checks on different individuals and personalities. If such individuals are considered quite prominent and popular in their field, they will get the blue tick. Hence, you should create a personal website and make it a hub for collecting all the details about you, your professional, and your business. 

Engage with different verified profiles

You need to engage with different verified Instagram profiles to enhance your authenticity. Suppose the verification request yours goes past Ai filter and reaches an Instagram representative. In that case, he/she might take a look at whether you have had any engagement with any other verified Instagram account. If you have any, then you might get the precedence in getting the blue tick. 

Get media exposure

Press and media exposure is always considered very effective and useful in getting you the verification that you have been eagerly waiting for. If you can manage to get some exposure to top media outlets, you are highly likely to verify Instagram. 

Increase your presence on Google search results

If you can manage to increase your presence on Google search results, then it will definitely be helpful in getting you the blue the tick. The Instagram representative may look up your name on Google to check your authenticity. You can decide to buy Instagram verification badge

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