Which Natural Treatments For Anxiety Are The Most Effective

Whichever natural treatment for anxiety works best for you depends entirely upon your individual physiology and what kind of anxiety you are suffering from. For example, those suffering from panic disorder will benefit from regular exercise and perhaps acupuncture to keep their adrenaline levels down at all times, whereas someone with social anxiety would be better off doing cognitive behavioural therapy involving exercises to boost the confidence, used only in those situations which make them nervous.

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Many people use essential oils as natural anxiety treatments on a daily basis, for subtle yet positive effects. Lemon grass oil, bergamot and lavender are among some of the best and you can dab them onto a hanky to sniff wherever you go, add a few drops to a warm bath, mix them with massage oil or burn them in an oil burner. In a very similar way herbal teas are a wonderful natural treatment anxiety is often kept at bay with. If you suffer from nausea when you are nervous this can often make you feel worse, particularly if you have emetophobia (the fear of vomit/vomiting) and a vicious cycle starts. If you feel nauseous then ginger, peppermint and nettle teas are very effective at calming the stomach down. If you need a quick fix when you’re out and about, suffer from travel sickness and are pregnant and have morning sickness then eating crystallised ginger or sipping flat ginger beer can help too. For those suffering from an inability to calm down, even in the home or having trouble sleeping at night then chamomile tea is also a good natural treatment for anxiety. Please note that drinking caffeine (tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and even sometimes green tea) in even small amounts can make some anxiety sufferers ten times worse.

There are, of course, ways to exercise that are much less stressful than going for a run or doing aerobics. Some health anxiety sufferers are particularly worried about raising their pulse and this is where exercises such as Tai-chi, yoga and pilates can help. Even those with agoraphobia can take part, by ordering yoga kits and DVDs from the Internet. Swimming is good for working every muscle but still allowing you to relax and even 20 minutes walk each day is plenty. Try to have a warm bath with essential oils following your exercise to round off the relaxation and leave you feeling refreshed afterwards.

If you are suffering from anxiety you should always talk about it to your GP or doctor first, before attempting to treat your own symptoms with natural anxiety treatments. Remember that treating symptoms leaves the underlying cause of your worries there to cause damage in the long term and therapies such as hypnotherapy, CBT and counselling can be far more beneficial to your condition.

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