Here Are The Top Tips Asian Figures Need To Shop Plus-Size Clothes

Every figure is beautiful in its way, yet humans tend to discriminate against each other because of embedded stereotypes in their minds. As if that wasn’t enough, the fashion world is harsh on humans too. But the Asian figures have nothing to wear because more and more fashion brands recognize that there are very few people with the mannequin figure and more who have curves and flesh.

While some brands have begun to embrace plus-size clothing, only a fair few make good fashion designer clothes, especially for plus-size Asian bodies like a good ol’ bandage mini dress.

And that is why any plus-size figure needs to pay so much more attention to clothing styles and designs to make the outfit look flattering on them. 

What are the top tips to keep in mind while purchasing plus-size clothing?

Learn your body shape

If the term “body shape” is new to you, you need to pull up your socks because this is where fashion gets complicated. Every figure has a shape; some of these shapes include hourglass, rectangle, triangle, inverted triangles, etc. The easiest way to learn your body shape is to take a measuring tape and measure your waist, shoulders, bust, and hips and note them down. Here how you can determine what shape is your body shape:

  • If your shoulder is the widest part of your body, you are an inverted triangle.
  • If your waist is the smallest part of your body (about 10 inches or less than your hips and bust) while your hips and bust size are roughly equal, you are an hourglass.
  • If your waist, bust, and hips are almost the same size, you are a rectangle. 
  • And lastly, if your hips and thighs are the widest part of your body, you are a triangle.

Once you know your body shape, check out which clothes flatter your body shape.

Quality of material

There are several fabrics used to make clothes; what matters is the quality of the fabric used. You need to ensure that the material used is strong, durable, and not flimsy, as this may result in the cloth wearing out quickly.

Flattering colours

Buying a bandage mini dress that your favourite celebrity wore is not always a good idea as your best colours may be way different from theirs. The best way to know which colours flatter you is to get a colour analysis done. The advantage of this is that it’ll make shopping so much easier.

Pick a flattering style

Yes, you can technically wear everything that fits, but the key to looking your best is to wear clothes that suit you. Therefore, it is essential to understand which cuts, lengths, and styles make you look better. For example, a figure with a heavy bust should be avoiding clothes that have bust detailing as it can attract the viewer’s eye and make the bosom seem massive.

Attention to details, colours, and patterns sets the difference between flattering and cheap, so keep these points in mind the next time you shop.

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