All about Ancient Debris in Minecraft

The primary source of nephrite scraps is ancient rubble, a rare ore contained in the Nether. It is impervious to normal explosions due to its high blast resistance. It floats on lava and can’t be burned by any kind of fire while it’s in item shape. 

The Nether generates ancient debris in the form of blobs. Per chunk, up to two blobs can generate: one of 0–3 ancient debris tries to generate with a periodic normal distribution from levels 8 to 22, and another of 0–2 ancient debris tries to generate randomly from levels 8 to 119. Thus, Y-level 15 has the most ancient debris on average.

Important points to remember

  • Despite its rarity, emerald ore is rarer than ancient debris; it has a lower spawn chance per chunk. Ancient debris can spawn in blobs as large as five in any Nether biome; emerald ore only appears as individual ore blocks in mountain biomes.
  • The ancient debris is expected to have the texture of pressed metal plates.
  • The ancient debris is probably the remnants of the piglins’ mining operation, which removed all of the original netherite ore.
  • It is possible to find blobs of up to 20 contiguous ancient debris – each chunk may generate up to five pieces of debris, so if five blobs generate in adjacent corners of four separate chunks, a blob of 20 debris is formed.

Ancient Debris

You’ll need a Diamond Pickaxe to locate Ancient Debris. It will not drop anything if you mine the Ancient Debris block with anything less. The blocks are only present at levels 8 through 22 (and only in the Nether), so you’ll have to mine carefully to locate them. Bedrock players will need to enable the “show coordinates” choice in the game settings to see how deep they are. Toggle an app that tells them where they are by pressing F3 on a PC Java player. Your Y-coordinate is the second of the three numbers mentioned, so aim for a number between 8 and 22.

Since the Nether contains various holes and drops, you’ll want to avoid falling into lava. It is suggested that you build a mine entrance that resembles a staircase rather than one that drops straight down.


If you reach the appropriate levels, you should be able to locate Ancient Debris simply by mining in different directions. Be cautious of lava, just as you would when mining in Over-world, and keep track of your location, so you don’t get lost. Ancient Debris doesn’t appear very often, but if you keep looking, you’ll eventually find it. So, these tips are a little Minecraft hack

When mined, ancient debris can be used as a decorative item in a player’s foundation. This is especially useful for Nether-themed builds, as players can use ancient debris to give their foundation some Nether qualities. For Nether-themed parkour builds, ancient debris is also a fine decoration. Another thing to remember is that Ancient Debris can only spawn entirely engulfed in other blocks, and it may even be surrounded by lava. Therefore, you may have to launch a Nether mineshaft. 

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