Would You Buy A House Made Of Hemp

Hemp was a cash crop from colonial times up until the beginning of the 20th century. It was grown for a short while during World War II to help with the war effort as well. Other than that it has been illegal, though much of the rest of the world still grows it for industrial products. These include rope, clothing, paper, plastics, oils, health foods, and so much more. Devoid of THC, the plant cannot get you high. Still today, it remains highly illegal under federal law. But the government is rolling back the ban.

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The 2014 Farm Bill allows for limited production of hemp. Some say it is about time. Almost every other industrialized nation grows it, and the U.S. imports many a product containing hemp, mostly from China, each year. It is now thought that hemp could be the next industrial powerhouse material. Hemp is inexpensive and easy to grow. Today in our conservation-minded world, energy efficient insulation can be made from it. This type is now cost-competitive with other materials on the market. Creating the raw material domestically would significantly reduce costs, making it competitive both domestically and abroad.

The Hemp Technologies Collective produces this hemp-based insulation. Technical building adviser Greg Flavall believes the number of hemp homes could increase four fold in 2016. Right now in the U.S. there are about 12. Insulation is not the only hemp-driven innovation. Consider “hempcrete.” This material is strong yet breathable, and mold and mildew resistant, yet environmentally friendly. Mix ground up hemp stalk with water and lime, place it in a mold, and you have a perfectly good wall for your home. So are houses made of hemp going mainstream? Not anytime soon. There are still many roadblocks to overcome before the American hemp sector is running on all cylinders.

Acquiring proper seed remains difficult. You could perhaps get it from cannabis producers. Marijuana growers do not want it near their plants however, because it could cross-pollinate, lowering the THC in their cannabis and with it, their profits. In Oregon some believe that a battle between cannabis cultivators and hemp producers is brewing, reminiscent of the feud between cattlemen and hog farmers in the old West. Meanwhile, importing seed is troublesome. The Farm Bill allows states that permit hemp cultivation to do so. About half the states do. But few have licensing and regulatory apparatuses in place.

The Industrial Hemp Farming Act is a bill currently working its way through Congress. This would remove the crop from illegality under federal law. Though it has bipartisan support and should pass, industry analysts say it will take some time before the hemp sector really comes online.

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