Types Of Fitness Training – Check the types of the training

What Are the Different Types of Fitness Training ?

There are many types of fitness training.

Here we will examine only the most popular ones that include:

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  • sport specific training
  • strength/core training
  •  fat burning/toning
  • rehab training

Types of Fitness Training – Sport Specific Training

This type of training has two elements to it.

The first element will consist of doing regular weightlifting workouts at the gym complimented by a cardio workout routine.

The second element consists of training that is specific for the sport trained for.

For example, if you are a basketball player you will need jumping ability. Hence, you will train and perform exercise that will allow you to improve your vertical leap abilities.

If you are a track and field sprinter you will add resistance training to your routine to improve your ability to jump out of the starting block and create and utilize short-burst muscle power.

Doing resistance training will allow for your muscles to add density to them and be more responsive when they are needed. If you are a swimmer you will incorporate workouts that focus on strengthening your arms and back and their ability to create powerful thrusts in the water while minimizing undue fatigue.

Many swimming coaches will have different approaches as to how they go about helping athletes achieve this and some coaches are very inventive in their methods. I used to have a swimming coach that made us wear ankle and wrist weights while we were in the water.

A method that to us seemed a bit – much – but I must say that once we took off the weights we felt we had so much power. I felt like a high performance car that had a lot of torque!

Thus, sports specific fitness training is not for everyone. Personally, I do not see the reason to train for a specific sport if I never have the chance to play much. For high school athletes, university and pro-athletes who are involved in sports this is an absolute must. However, for the average working person it is better to do other types of fitness training.

Types of Fitness Training – Core Training

You may have heard about this before and wondered – what is meant by core? Core means central or basic. Within our body our skeletal system is key because our muscles are supported by it.

Within our skeletal system the main pillar is our spine. Thus, the stronger our spine and the stronger the muscles around it, the stronger our ‘core’ will be. If your core is strong you will be able to generate powerful movements of your arms and legs. Not to mention that you will feel less back pain and be more resistant to a host of other aches and pain. Any martial artist or boxer will tell you that all powerful movements originate from the center (core) of the body and not the extremities alone.

Therefore, core fitness involves weight and other training that allows us to strengthen our core. This means doing exercise that will strengthen your upper and lower back, obliques, abdominals, trapezoids and glutes.

Types of Fitness Training – Toning/Fat Burning

This type of training involves doing workouts that will combine weightlifting exercises with regular and frequent cardio. Of course, it is important to note that nutrition plays a big role here as well. How big a role it plays will depend on your body type and current metabolic rate as well as your genetics (to read about this go to our fitness nutrition page).

Toning exercises (women like to use the term “toning” while men use the term “cutting-up”, “fat burning” or “muscle definition”) involve doing exercises with free weights and machines with higher repetitions and higher number of sets. Conversely, if you are trying to build muscle you will do fewer repetitions and fewer sets while sticking to free weights rather then using machines.

To have this explained in more detail go to our bodybuilding workouts page if you are interested in putting on muscle and if you are interested in toning go to our fitness workouts page.

Types of Fitness Training – Rehab & Pre/Post Natal Training

There are other types of fitness training and they are very specific in that they prepare for one for a specific purpose such as giving birth or helping women gain their strength back after birth. Also, people who have had some type of injury undergo rehabilitation training that allows them to regain most or all of their strength, motor function(s) or flexibility in the affected/injured part(s) of their body.

This type of training is usually very light and focuses on low-impact exercises which do not put too much pressure on joints, strain on ligaments or lower back when they are performed. People in rehab will often use machines for weight training while women in pre/post natal activities will make use of exercise balls, resistance bands, simple floor and bodyweight exercises and light cardio activities.

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