What To Do When Your Minecraft Server Goes Down

Regardless of what time of system you have, what specs you’re supporting or what you do, sometimes a server goes down. It’s out of your hands, or your host’s hands. It happens. All you can do during that time is try and get it back up and running. Especially if other people are relying on it or use that server.

When you want to get the minecraft for sale, then learning about the server is essential. The picking of the games with the strong hands is essential to get more rewards. The running of the software with the reliable server is smooth at the personal computer and mobile phones.

After all, you’re paying for it. You want the maximum run time you can get. You want the Minecraft server to be reliable and not have people avoid it because of problems. The less problems you have, the more likely you are to find people who stick around for the long term if they enjoy what you offer on your server. With how popular Minecraft has become, having a serious, running server can be the start of a lot of opportunities if you know how to harness it properly.

So Your Server Just Went Down

First off, let’s go back to basics. The first piece of advice you’ll get off anyone even slightly technically able is ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’?

While this seems like generic spew from their mouths, it’s actually a solid idea. Give your server a reboot. Turn it off, leave it for a few minutes, and then turn it back on. Sometimes, this is enough to give it that kick back to life.

If you reboot and it still isn’t working? It might be a more in-depth problem.

Check for DDOS attacks

If you have a public server, this is a possibility. It doesn’t matter if you’re not popular, or your server isn’t well known. It only takes one person to happen across it before they can attack. A DDOS attack basically chokes up your server and prevents other traffic from accessing it. It renders your server useless for as long as it’s under the attack – and continuously trying to get on to it isn’t helping, either.

Check your internet

It could be something as simple as a dropped connection. Checking quickly won’t hurt and it will rule out another possibility. If you decide it is your connection, a quick reboot of your router might help fix the problem, and if not then it might be time to give your ISP a quick call and ask if they can shed any light to the situation. It could be a problem that expands past your Minecraft server.

If you’re using a prepaid hosting service for your server and all of the above has failed you then it might be time to check in with them. They might be able to offer you some advice or support on how to get your server back up and running. Or they’ll be able to let you know if the problems are on their side or not – if they are, then there isn’t much you can do until they’ve fixed the problem.

Get other people to check it

If it’s only down for you, then at least you’ve managed to locate the issue and then you can really begin digging deep to figure out where the problem lies. If it’s down for other people, then you know it’s something a little more serious than an unstable internet connection, or an unplugged wire somewhere.

Check online

Assuming you still have an internet connection (and hey, you’re here so it’s looking pretty positive!), there are websites that specialize in telling you if something is down. It could be that Minecraft in general is having issues – or planned maintenance that you just happened to forget about. This way, you can check the status, and you can find likeminded people who have no idea what to do with themselves while the servers down. Keep refreshing that page until it starts looking positive again!

A game going down and being unplayable can definitely make you feel frustrated, but before you do anything rash – like decide to delete your entire save file or uninstall the game and swear off it for at least the next day and a half – always check around to see if it’s an easy fix. Sometimes it’s simpler than you think and if you’re already able to run a server (or connect to one and notice when it’s down) then the chances are you’re able to do very basic troubleshooting to try and find where the root of the problem lies, or be able to understand tutorials to check the more advanced things out!

If all that fails and the game is down for good for the foreseeable future, then maybe it’s time to try and give that ‘family’ thing a try. I hear they’re generally nice people. Don’t worry, you can ditch them once the server is back up though!

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