Want To Fix The Pickleball Paddle? Use These Tips To Fix Your Pickleball Paddle Very Easily!

A player is always emotional about their sports stuff, so they just break a little when something happens to it. No matter what, even if they buy a new one, they never throw their old pair. So when it comes to the paddle, it is like the basic thing that one needs when playing the game. We can get many of the best pickleball sets on online websites and in offline stores, but nothing works well than the one we already have. 

And another thing is, let’s face it; it is a very intimidating process to buy another one, and it is expensive too. So when it comes to holding a paddle that doesn’t work, it is better to fix it and save money. What are you worrying about when we are here to give you the guide to fix that favourite paddle!

The ultimate guide to fixing the paddle easily and quickly!

The guide that we will provide will be easy, and it will give the experience of renewing the product. It is not just about that; we are saving money and are getting to pass some good time on it. But before we move to the guide, here are some things that you need for the process,

  • A Pickleball edge guard:

The normal wear and tear is something that we can easily see in the product. And when the product is past its durability, it will be the guard that will show the signs of wear the most. So that is why it is always better to keep two edge guards with you all the time. 

  • A knife or a scissor:

The guards are always glued to the edges. This is something that the manufacturers do when they want to keep the durability to the best case. So if we want to remove the old guard, we have to keep a knife or a scissor handy. The chunks can still stick to the material, so yes, the product is a need at this time. 

  • Cleaning cloth:

To clean the edge and keep it going, we need to have a cleaning cloth.

  • Glue:

If the company knew that glue would be a good thing for the edge guard, why shouldn’t you glue it back? With the help of good quality glue, it will be a good way to increase the guard’s life and make it look good as new.

Now that we are done with the things that we need, it is time to get to the steps to fix the Pickleball paddle. Check the following steps for that!


  • Remove the old guard. It might not come as a shock but a simple necessity, so yes, the first thing you need to do is remove the guard that is already on it. Be sure to do it with proper care, as you surely don’t want to do any damage to the material of the paddle for sure. So use scissors or a knife to cut the guard. There is going to be no difficulty to do it because rubber is so easy to cut. So as we said, you can either use a knife or scissors to do so. Sometimes, some patches can become so hard to remove, so use a knife to slightly get it off.
  • Clean the edge guard properly. When you are done removing the guard, it is necessary to clean it properly. The glued patches will come off very easily, and then it is time to get the glue off too. Because it is possible that some glue is still sticking to it, and it is not a good thing to have a smooth application. So rub the cleaning cloth properly on it and clean it. 
  • The last thing that we need to do is replace the edge guard. It doesn’t have to be a difficult thing at all. Just keep in mind that the glue has to be a good one. And never overdo it as it will come out and ruin the look of the guard.
  • Finally, just in three simple steps, we can fix the paddle, and there is no sign of difficulty in it. So want to try it out? Go on and do it and save some money with it too!

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