Tips To Check Your Fat Percentage

Because I am a professional trainer, I’m frequently contacted by males who want to tell me that their flab is only 6% while I do read proven weight loss customer reviews on my own as well. This kind of composition is consistent with bodybuilding pros. What I’m saying is that these men are either BSing me or they are sincerely misled because there’s no way so many people can be professional builders. What do you do if you measure your composition and you come up with some phenomenal stats? Does that mean that you’ve arrived? I think it’s probably wise to take some time to think about how you are measuring your weight and your fat and whether the data you are getting is reliable or not.

What most people are using for body composition is a caliper that fits in the hand and isn’t very reliable for giving good results. These devices notoriously give low percentages of body fat and are therefore very misleading.

The way these things work is by sending electricity through your lard and measuring the resistance to it. This works because flab and lean tissue have different resistances so you can get an estimate of your fat content by the amount of current that flows through your body. The numbers they produce are based on average numbers from a variety of test subjects who are measured traditionally and then with one of the gadgets.

Analysis of these electrical devices shows that they read over two kilograms less than the actual lard. That’s a pretty good deviation from reality.

The message I’m trying to convey is that you can’t trust the numbers you get from those handheld measuring devices. Besides, I want you to judge by how you feel about the way you look rather than what some contraption has to say.

If you need to be measuring something, get you a cloth measuring tape and track the width of your arms, your waistline, your butt (can you get a tape measure long enough for that?), and hips. Keep working on exercise and diet and before you know it you’ll have reliable results to demonstrate your progress.

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