How To Make The Famous Lactation Cookies Of Singapore?

People of Singapore loves to eat lactation cookies as these cookies are made best in their country. Lactation cookies are one of the famous things in the world which is exported to so many countries. Before going to the deeper side of these cookies, let’s discuss what these cookies are and why are these cookies famous. Lactation cookies are also known as breastfeeding cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies are mainly for the women who are going to be pregnant, or they are pregnant because it contains some nutrients like galactagogues, which helps increase milk production in the breast.

This is the main function or feature, or we can say the benefit of these cookies, which is very beneficial for women. But, what about other country’s people or poor people who cannot afford to buy it, they should know the recipe for making it and should make it on their own. Let’s discuss the lactation cookie recipes in Singapore in brief.

Ingredients used

Before making anything, we should know the ingredients used in it and collect them; after that, we will be able to make these cookies.

  • Flaxseed

Flaxseeds are seeds that contain a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids in them, and along with omega-3, it also includes dietary fibre in IT. Flaxseed is also good for some other things like bowel movements and digestion, as it contains vitamin B, vitamin E, potassium and iron.

  • Brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast is another ingredient which is used in making all type of lactation cookies. It is rich in nutrients like selenium, chromium and vitamin B.

  • Fenugreek

This is a very popular herb that has been used for ages as it is the natural booster of milk production in women for breastfeeding. It includes nutrient phytoestrogens, which is helpful in stimulating lactation and milk quality in a females body.

  • Oats

Oats are a rich source of fibre. It absorbs carbohydrates from the bloodstream and prevents blood sugar from having spikes in it.

  • Some other ingredients

You can also add some of the ingredients. But, the ingredients mentioned above are important, you have to put them and after that think of putting some other ingredients. You can add ingredients rich in vitamins and nutrients and increase milk production in women. You can also add some flavours and edibles for making it tasty.

Things that should be avoided while making lactation cookies

Some things are made with carefulness and should not be made in a casual way. Likewise, lactation cookies are also an essential thing, and making them requires so much concentration. If you have an allergy to brewer yeast, you should try to avoid it, it is a primary ingredient, but you should also check your convenience. You can substitute it with baking yeast or nutritional yeast.

Recipes for making it

There are so many recipes for making these cookies. On the above, we have discussed the important ingredients which are used in every recipe and along with them, you can use some other ingredients also, or you can add some flavours to them and so on. Some famous recipes will be found on the internet, like recipe by housepoet, detoxinista, Lexi’s clean living and so on.


To sum up, we conclude that lactation cookies are one of the tastiest things for women, which gives them so many benefits. Increasing milk production will make the baby healthy, and the mother also will never feel fatigued because of breastfeeding. The ingredients for making these cookies have been discussed above, and the recipe for them will be found on the web or from anywhere as these cookies are so popular.

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