Which Are The Undying Models For Jewelry

Fashion is a capricious lady and not everyone can handle her whims. How can you look appropriate and stylish in every situation, without having to spend all your money on buying new accessories for every fad? There are a few options that have been around for generations and have never gone out of style; and will most probably still remain popular long after our time has passed. These jewels can be harmoniously combined with outfits in different styles and can stick with you even if you change your style. Here you will find a short description of some of them.

Key medallion

Most people think about keys when they want to start their car or lock their house, but this element is immensely popular in the jewelry. It is full of mystery and symbolism. It can symbolize, for example, the key to your loved one’s heart or it can remind you of a special place and thus have sentimental value. Key-shaped jewels are both a modern and an old fashion trend. These accessories, fashioned in different styles can be massive or small and delicate, clean or decorated with crystals, pearls or other ornaments.

Cross medallion

One of the most popular religious symbols in the world cannot be overlooked by jewelers. There is a great variety of cross medallions and pendants in every jewelry shop, from small and dainty, to large and impressive. The cross medallion has its place of renown in the collections of all the leading fashion designers. It is an evergreen, reappearing on every catwalk in every season, yet it is still counted among the non-expensive jewels. Crystals, enamel, pearl, leather, fabric, metal, and glass – the materials for fashioning and decorating crosses can be so various that every jeweler can realize his own ideas and make yet another masterpiece out of such a common element. If you want to see some of these pieces, you can check https://vitopoulos.gr/el/11-andrika-gynaikeia-kolie

Star pendant

The view of the night sky with its countless stars against the dark background of space can be breathtaking. But stars are not only objects of scientific observation. For many they have special meaning and symbolism. People can assign different meaning to their accessories, but the star always means something bright, light, pure and desired, a symbol for high aspirations. These types of jewels are a perfect gift for any age, because the shape of the star is universal and can be easily combined with other jewels.

Circle pendant

The undying symbol for eternity has been popular since antiquity. Monochromatic or colorful, plain or decorated, circle-shaped accessories have always been in style. This shape has a great importance in the world of fashion jewelry and can be found in almost all styles. Rings, earrings, necklaces – the circle can be found everywhere and can be combined with other elements to form unique jewelry compositions.

Heart-shaped pendant

This is another popular symbol, which is regarded as a classic and rightly so! Every woman should have at least one heart-shaped jewel in her jewelry box. There is no better gift for a special someone than an accessory which speaks of the intensity of one’s feelings. Heart-shaped decorations are also extremely diverse. Encrusted with precious stones, pearls and crystals or made out of common and cheap materials such as plastic or metal alloys, hearts are always acceptable.

If you prefer the classic symbols, then buying any of the above mentioned jewels is a good and creative choice. If you have no time to visit the jewelry shops and boutiques, then you can always shop on-line. Make sure you will receive a certificate when shopping on the Internet.

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