Want to know more about Ex-Shincheonji church? Here are the details

The ex-shincheonji church is a place which is known popularly as the new heaven on this old earth.  Those who are dissatisfied with their current church and are seeking God are welcomed here. But do you know that most of the people out there name these kinds of churches as a dangerous cult? The reason behind this is the activities that are happening around the church. These churches were established under the off-shoot new religious movement of Christians. 

These churches are a bit different from the regular ones and run by their own rules and regulations. They are one of those unorthodox churches that are not following the common doctrine practices that are followed by churches normally. Some of the interesting details about the church are mentioned below in detail.  

  • According to the Bible, there are 12 disciples of Jesus. On the basis of that fact, the shincheonji church is also divided into 12 different tribes. All the tribes are different from each other and have different disciples. In order to differentiate between the tribes, the church has made a little change. All of them have to follow a dress code that the masters of the tribe decide. Also, there is a jewellery code that matches the dress. None of the disciples of the tribe is allowed to be a part without this dress code. 
  • All the places where the ex-shincheonji church is present, for instance, Singapore, Philippines, South Africa, etc., receive the same instruction. They want all the churches they are operating all around the world to look alike so as to show the outside world unity. 
  • The church is said to brainwash the people and remove all the learning that they have got from the Bible, but this is not the complete truth. Only the false teaching that a person has reg
  • arding Jesus is removed from their mind. They are only asked to remember the facts that are for the betterment of their life. 
  • People also say that this church is harmful to society, but actually, it is not that harmful. Only those people who become followers of this church and perform the tasks without thinking of the good or bad of society are detrimental to society. 
  • They are sometimes said to force the people and make them stay in their cult. Even if a person is willing to leave, they are not allowed, which is not true. One can go and join when they want. 
  • The church makes a person a better personality of themselves, which helps them perform well in their life in their prospect of jobs and school. 
  • They also help people preach the gospel who help one know the truth about life and help in following it. 
  • Those who are a part of ex-shincheonji also take part in plenty of positive acts like money donation and run non-profit organization, which they learn from the Bible teaching they got from the church. 

The final sayings 

These are the details about the ex-shincheonji church, which a person should know and keep in mind before joining the church. If you want to know more than you should click here now

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