Effects And Contraindications Of Anabolic Steroids

Testosterone and its derivatives are hormones that have effects in different areas and tissues of the body and can be classified into two large groups, according to the effect: androgenic and anabolic.

The androgenic effect is produced by the fact that this group of substances is derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Under normal conditions, the body synthesizes testosterone in the testis and here the hormone produces changes in the peripheral tissues and the shaping of secondary sex characteristics (distribution of hair and typically male fat, deepening of the voice,…). When the concentration of testosterone in the blood reaches a certain amount, the testicle is braked in its production because it detects that there is already enough hormone. If the taking of steroids is very long, lack of activity of the testicle is atrophying functions of secretion to sterility. Sterility caused by the consumption of anabolic is reversible but not always; It all depends on the dose, the type of steroid drug consumed, and time-lasting consumption.

The anabolic effect is the effect sought by athletes. It consists of an increase in the synthesis of proteins of muscle (mostly actin and myosin) are incorporated into the myofibrils and increase the diameter of the muscle fibers. However, you must not believe the use of anabolic steroids to pave the way towards an improvement of athletic performance. There are no shortcuts in the increase and improvement of muscle mass.

For using 4 gauge pre workout and anabolic steroids in an effective manner, you must learn about their mechanism of action. The testosterone released by the testicle or taken externally passes into the blood, the hormone binds to a specific carrier protein. When you reach cells that will produce its effect, the molecule binds to a cytoplasmic receptor and here United goes to the nucleus to modify the replication of genetic material and therefore protein synthesis. However, the effect of steroids does not only inject them or taking them in pill form.

So the Anabolics are effective is required detailed planning of the train. Intensity working cycles (phase of wear or catabolic) and the subsequent periods of recovery and overcompensation (anabolic phase) need nutrients and rest to be able to take place. During the phases of recovery and overcompensation, food provides energy nutrients, and materials that allow recovery reserves worn during exertion and rebuild damaged tissues. The rest is the period during which most of the reactions of metabolism that are used to reconstruct the body take place. If rest periods are not sufficient in quantity and quality the only thing that can be achieved is to enter into overtraining and thus a loss of athletic performance.

It is absurd to consume anabolic, but still, it is more if training, diet, and rest are not suitable to the planning work that has been established.

Another consequence of the consumption of anabolic steroids is that they do not distinguish the muscle that is going to grow. In this way also the cardiac muscle, the myocardium, hypertrophy by the consumption of these substances. Many cases of myocardial infarction in athletes who have used this kind of drug have been described.

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