Comparing zero water and Brita

Buying bottled water for drinking, brushing and cleaning purposes can be expensive. However, when it comes to your health there is no way to compromise. A water filter pitcher can be one of the best alternatives when it comes to availing yourself of safe and clean water for your daily needs. In this article, we intend to compare the two popular brands of filter pitchers namely Zero Water and Brita to give you a clear picture of water filters and their benefits. 

Topwater filter pitchers in the market 

By making a comparison between the best product in the market we can help you find the best filter pitcher for your needs. We attempt to compare similar products from both Zero water filter and Brita so that you can understand the products better. 

  • 10 cup Pitcher
      • ZeroWater 10 Cup Pitcher (Comes with free TDS Meter ZP-010):

Zero water brings you a 10 cup pitcher with its five-stage filtering process helping you avail yourself healthy drinking water whenever you need it. This light-weighted “push to fill” pitcher also comes with a TDS meter to measure 000 PPM filtering quality with every filtering done. 

      • Everyday water filter pitcher from Brita:

This filter pitcher comes with a single filter that is easy to use. If you are looking for healthier, chlorine-free, odour-free, copper-free, mercury-free and cadmium free water then this is the product you are looking for. Lasting for 2 months on an average with 300 fills this is a money-saving pitcher.  

  • Water dispenser filter
      • 18 cup Brita UltraMax Water Dispenser with single Filter:

This is one of the most popular dispensers that fit into your fridge. The spigot design and easy to change filter makes it one of the handiest products. This filter can refine 40 gallons of water and can last up to two months. 

      • 23 cup ZeroWater Dispenser (with TDS Meter ZD-018):

This dispenser comes with a five-stage filtration system that removes 99.6% of solid that is dissolved in water. This is the only filter pitcher that is certified by NSF. The filter keeps water free from chromium and leads offering you 100% healthy drinkable water. 

      • ZeroWater ZD-018 Dispenser (Filtration System):

If you are looking for a zero water filter dispenser that will offer you ultimate cost benefits then ZeroWater ZD-018 Dispenser is the one that fits your needs. With more than 2,500 reviews for the product, this product stands the best in the market.   

  • Water filter cartridges
    • 2-Pack, ZeroWater Replacement Filter for Pitcher-ZR-017:

These replacement filters fit every zero water product and come in different packs. If you are looking for a price saving option then you can purchase 20 pack cartridges. 

    • 10 packs Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters:

A single Brita filter can be a replacement of 300 bottles of water with each bottle having 16.9 ounces of water. The filters come in different pack sizes to fit your needs. 

Concluding lines

When it comes to your health there are no compromises to be made. These comparisons may help you to make informed decisions when it comes to buying filter pitchers. 

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