The Ultimate Guide To 7 WordPress Development Resources

If you are one of the developers looking for a way through which you can advance your skills in WordPress development, then you are just at the right place. Even if you have a working knowledge of different images, videos, photos, themes, and calculator plugin for website you will still need a lot more information in order to create a perfect website for your business or for your client.  

In this article, we will be going through all the ultimate resources that you need to know about as you try to hone your WordPress development skills over time. 

WordPress Developer Handbook

The most important resource is provided by WordPress itself in the form of its Developer’s Handbook. Generally, you can learn almost everything about the themes, plugins, and all the basic in and outs of WordPress. However, when it comes to advance skills, the developer’s handbook is definitely the ultimate resource. 

With the help of the developer’s handbook, you will be able to learn more about the WordPress Coding Standards, WordPress Codebase, themes & plugin development, and the different ways to use the rest of the API. Although, in order to comprehend this handbook, you need to have advanced knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. 

WordPress Gutenberg Handbook

Secondly, we have the Gutenberg Handbook that is similar to the developer handbook in terms of skills and information. The second best resource on the internet and this handbook are even recognized by WordPress as they published it on their site besides the developer’s handbook. 

Gutenberg Handbook is a resource that can help developers with the creation of custom blocks, customization of editor & sidebar by explaining how any developer can add new styles to the editor, customize the toolbar options, and update and optimize the themes and plugins to make them more compatible with Gutenberg.


For any WordPress developer, W3Schools is probably the best online resource that is full of easy and intuitive tutorials. Unlike most of the other tutorials out there, the participants can test their skills and improve their knowledge with ease. 

W3Schools is known for its elaborate tutorials of CSS & HTML including bootstrap, Javascript, several server side languages such as Python and PHP, and XML standards. Any developer missing out W3Schools really has no idea how effective and useful this resource is. 

Envato Tuts+

An alternative to W3Schools is Envato Tuts+. Here the developers can enjoy free written tutorials while the premium members get to enjoy a wide variety of video courses and ebooks with a ton of resource material. 

When it comes to Envato Tuts+, the developer can learn approximately anything they want. There can master bootstrap, development of the plugins, management of MySQL databases with the help of PHP. Envato Tuts+ basically covers everything that any WordPress developer needs. 


SitePoint is a premium resource that can really boost the skills of any developer out there. Created by Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz in 1999, this one of the best resources if you are interested in learning to code. 

SitePoint is probably a complete resource that you might need. Some of the things that you can learn on SitePoint include the building of WordPress themes, plugins, API, CLI, and the deployment of websites with PHP. Moreover, coding with CSS, JavaScript, HTML, as well as all the associated scripts, libraries, and frameworks.

SiteGround Knowledgebase

SiteGround is one of the most popular web hosting companies. They are offering an amazing set of resource and hosting solutions to all the developers. Additionally, their technical skill tutorials for web development are a bonus for the developers. 

SiteGround Knowledgebase is a resource that talks more about the backend development of your website. Here, you can easily learn more about the different ways in which you can work with PHP, monitor & resolve any issue that may arise on your site in terms of security, the usage of .htaccess files, and how to use WordPress CLI. 


For developers the need to learn more about coding, CSS-Tricks is probably the best choice. With a mix of tutorials and guides, any developer can easily improve their coding skills with ease over time. 

CSS-Tricks include guides and tutorials for CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Sass, PHP, jQuery. Not only the developers can improve their skills, but they can also practice those skills on different WordPress sites once the developer is proficient with them.

These are the 7 WordPress resources that every developer should learn about in order to improve their skills over time with the help of amazing tutorials and ebooks.  

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