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In law practice management, implementation is a function of commitment, motivation, and accountability. This is not what I say – this is what sound scientific research has said that has been published in peer reviewed professional psychological journals.

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What could you accomplish if you had the power to transform individuals, teams and organizations? This kind of power is attained only when you understand your own personality profile.

Make no mistake about it. Law practice management requires behavior change.

Where do commitment, motivation, and accountability come from? Why, your thoughts and beliefs of course. This fact of human behavior is also based on sound scientific psychological research.

The Secrets of Personal Change

If you want to see some scientific evidence on this fact – with practical advice about personal change – I recommend the book Changing For Good by Prochaska, Norcross and DiClemente.

These three authors are acclaimed research psychologists. They have made their life’s work studying how people change on their own without the help of psychotherapists.

These studies are very applicable to law practice management since human beings are involved. Their writing shares practical advice on the change process, a must for successful law firm management (the core of any law firm.)

These three research psychologists did ironclad scientific work published in peer reviewed professional journals to uncover the secrets of personal change. Their research has been adopted worldwide as the model for self-change.

Law firm management and law firm marketing are not just about having the right information… they are indeed about behavior change as well.

In their work, these three psychologists outlined nine change processes.

  • Consciousness raising (I am doing that on this website with you now)
  • Social liberation
  • Emotional arousal
  • Self-reevaluation (some of this is happening as you read I bet)
  • Commitment
  • Countering
  • Environment control
  • Reward
  • Helping relationships

Each of these nine processes has dozens or maybe hundreds of techniques. So don’t confuse processes versus techniques.

What Stage of Change Are You In? The authors also distinguished the six stages of change as:

  • Precontemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance
  • Termination

These six stages of change apply in law practice management as well.

If you are reading this site, you are at least in contemplation stage or maybe the preparation stage. You are probably not in action yet. Each stage needs specific processes and techniques to successfully travel through that stage and move to the next stage.

The key thing to know about these authors’ work is “change involves progress through a series of stages, not just a progression from high risk to no risk.”

In short, we all must go through the stages of change to get to where we want to be.

How Personal Change Affects Law Practice Management

Whatever you are doing today in law practice management is normal, natural and habit for you, and gets you the result you have today in legal marketing.

When you try to tart something new – so it becomes normal, natural and habit to you in the future – there will be resistance. This resistance will be both internal (you) and external (your staff, peers in the firm, partners, vendors).

You will need to create new empowering thoughts and beliefs with yourself and others so you change feelings and behaviors. This will allow the new behaviors to become normal, natural and habit to you as quickly as possible… and you get a new result in law practice management.

The Desired Results of Law Marketing

Now you see the need for commitment, motivation and accountability along with the right knowledge. These positive thoughts and beliefs will ensure implementation in lawyer marketing, and you will get your desired results of:

  • More revenue
  • Fewer work hours
  • More control
  • Less stress

So keep reading and engaging yourself in the change process within the realms of law practice management, as we explore more moving forward. Don’t forget to pick up your free resources while you are here…you have nothing to lose.

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