Irving Back Pain Relief Done Naturally Through Chiropractic Therapy Solutions

Your backbone or spine is a complicated structure that performs many functions. It protects the spinal cord and all the nerve roots that originate from there. The entire body is sent signals through the nerves that emanate from the spinal cord. It reaches all the way from head to pelvis and its 33 bones are called the vertebrae. This is the domain of the Irving chiropractor. All nerve impulses, including signals of pain, begin there. You should know that dr. Amr Hosny will check each pulse of person to know the reasons behind the pain. The treatment of the pain is through some skills and intelligence. The performance of the functions is excellent to have more benefits with healthy body.

The neck has seven cervical vertebrae to support the weight of the head. The thoracic or chest area has 12. The five and sometimes six lumbar vertebrae are located in the lower back. There are five in the pelvic area, which are fused together, and three coccyx forming the tailbone or end of spine.

The spinal cord is encased in, and protected by, the spinal vertebrae. As the location of ligaments, tendons and muscles attachments to the spinal cord and proximity to the nerve roots, it can be a source of pain and diminished function. The human body can bend forward, from side to side, backwards and rotate. No wonder backaches are caused by accidents or heavy lifting among other reasons.

The discs between the vertebrae, which make up one fourth of the length of the spine, are made of fiber and cartilage. They cushion the vertebrae from rubbing against each other as the person moves. When one or more of these discs is compromised, the result can be severe pain.

A chiropractor addresses the pain caused by misalignment or compression of the discs. Spinal problems might be caused by an automobile accident, heavy lifting or skeletal malformation. When these bones in the spine are not correctly aligned, it is called a subluxation. The chiropractor uses a variety of methods to realign those bones. It requires a series of adjustments.

As the vertebra is realigned, the excruciating lower back pain is lessened. Pain, which was once life altering, can be alleviated to a degree where the individual can once again become functional. The Irving chiropractor may include massage, nutrition and several other methods to restore the spine to an improved state that may allow the person to return to work. Pain management techniques give a better quality of life.

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