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Let’s face it, as we grow older, hair seems to grow out of every orifice in our body. This includes our nose and ears. The best nose hair trimmer or epilierer is a handy tool that helps us get rid of unsightly hair in these areas.

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Now there are a lot of other ways you can choose to do this. Some people have resorted to using scissors, which we don’t recommend because you can cut yourself. There are also those that use tweezers. We can only imagine how much doing that stings.

The thing with these electric trimming devices is they do it in a safe and quick manner. The blades are covered by a metal grate so only hair is cut and you are at no risk of cutting your nasal area.

If you prefer, you can use manual trimmers, which work like these electric units in our reviews below. They’re very similar except you have to rotate the blade yourself by turning a knob at the bottom of the device. Using an electric one is much quicker and less work.

Our Best Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews

Panasonic ER-GN30-K Wet/Dry Trimmer

If you are in the market for the best nose hair trimmer, the Panasonic ER-GN30-K definitely holds its own in this department. The unit is designed for both wet or dry use, letting you use it while showering should you feel the need to.

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One thing that makes it among our best nose hair trimmer choices is its versatility, as it is effective on other types of facial hair as well, including ear hair, eyebrows, outlining the hairline above your ear, and of course nose hair. This trimmer is powered by a single AA battery, which is not included so you’ll want to get one with the unit if you don’t have any spare batteries lying around at home.

It also comes with a cap to protect the cutting head when not in use. The cap also has a small mirror on the clip which can help you out when you don’t have a larger mirror around. A cleaning brush is also included in the package, which will help you get rid of the stubble when you open up the unit to clean it.

This Panasonic cutter uses 60-degree double-edged blades that are also hypo-allergenic which lets you quickly do the nose, ear, and eyebrow maintenance and trimming. It is built with Panasonic’s Vortex system for cleaning, making this a self-contained, easy to use personal hygiene hair removal device that is quick and simple to use.

Philips Norelco NT9130 Precise Trimming Unit

The Philips Norelco NT9130 is a top-selling personal hair removal device that offers precision thanks to its ergonomic, easy to hold and maneuver design. Coming with its own storage case convenient for packing up and travel, this device is resistant to water and very simple to clean and maintain.

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This trimmer is guaranteed not to pull or cause discomfort due to pulling, credited to its patented neck which is elongated and angled just right for the human nostril. Because you’re dealing with a very sensitive area, having a trimmer that doesn’t tug or cause irritation is important.

Like the other picks in our best nose hair trimmer reviews, this is simple to use, though you will want to be careful not to cut off too much nasal hair since they’re there to protect us from dust and dirt that could enter our respiratory system.

The Norelco NT9130 is proficient in shaping and clipping everything including ear hair, along with other hair on the head, including trimming your mustache as well as beard maintenance and definition. This trimmer is the perfect purchase if you always want to look good.

Wahl 5546-200 Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer

So far our best nose hair trimmer reviews have covered units that don’t come with any lighting tool. This may not be something a lot of users look for because there is often bright enough lighting in our bathroom mirrors.

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However, if you would like to be able to easily see the areas you’re cutting, Wahl’s 2-in1 trimming device comes with a bright light located just above the cutting head. This acts like a spotlight that lets you see much clearer as you trim.

The reason Wahl refers to this as a 2-in-1 device is that it includes 2 individual attachments that you can slide to the top of the unit. These are similar to attachments used in electric shavers, which let you use the device’s cutting blades for different purposes. Thanks to the attachments, this unit is effective for trimming the nose, ear, and brows. Remember that while many of these devices in our reviews can cut mustache, beards, and outline hair, they can only trim the tips and style the edges, and aren’t suitable for heavier cutting because of their small head and blade. For thicker hair-like, you’ll need either a razor, beard trimmer, or hair clipper depending on which area you’re targeting.

The Wahl 5546-200 is also a wet/dry unit, completely safe for use while showering, and can be rinsed in the sink to clean. The included heads are entirely removable so you can thoroughly clean them after use.

ToiletTree Professional Facial Hair Trimming Device

The ToiletTree Professional is a solidly built nose hair trimmer that is also designed for facial use. The durable body is built with steel which resists the typical cracking and breaking often seen in trimmers with plastic casing.

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It is water-resistant and also features an LED light to provide you with perfect shadow elimination. One of the best features of this unit is the length and size of the head is just so you don’t cut too much hair from the nasal area. This ensures you only cut away those that can be unsightly to the eyes and not all the hair which isn’t healthy.

The ToiletTree Professional comes with double-edged stainless steel blades for durability and a smooth cut. The rotor and blades are made for heavy-duty work so they are strong. This really helps in that you only need to make one pass to get all the hair in that area.

Featuring a lifetime guarantee, your purchase is protected, assuring you years and years of effective use. This trimmer is definitely worth a check, especially with the level of purchaser protection that comes with it.

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