Revitalize You Md; How And Why Is Botox Done?

What is Botox?

Botox drug is used to give you a smooth, supple, and wrinkle-free face. The botulinum toxin A was first tested on a human in the year 1978. Botox gives you firm glowing skin and makes your appearance better and beautiful but botox has many other benefits as well –

  • It helps to deal with chronic migration. Severe headache and chronic migration can be very frustrating it doesn’t let you work and the pain becomes disturbing and unbearable with time. Botox might help you to get rid of this.
  • It helps to control Blepharospasm. Blepharospasm is a condition of uncontrollable twitching and blinking of eyes. It helps in ophthalmology-related situations.

It also helps to control the excessive sweating of the underarms. Excessive underarms sweating can lead to a bad odor and it would give a really bad impression to people around you. To avoid such an embarrassing situation Revitalize You MD

What is Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology refers to medical conditions of the eye like – cataracts, optic nerve issues, blepharospasm, eye infections, etc. The eyes are a very sensitive organ and need special attention. Any slight problem in the eyes could lead to a severe problem. Correct eyesight is necessary to lead a normal and successful life.

How does Botox work?

Botox works by blocking or stopping the nerves. This blocking of nerves leads to a temporary stoppage of the purpose of that particular nerve. This works by stopping acetylcholine which is the nerve transmitter. undo You could also understand it as a temporary nerve paralysis. So, it needs to be understood that botox cannot undo things rather it stops the upcoming change. Botox may last from three months to nearly an area, the time depends on many factors.

What to do before and after going for a Botox?  

  • Stop medications that cause thinning of the blood before two weeks of the Botox.
  • Don’t do stretching or any other heavy exercises for about two weeks after Botox.
  • Compare and go for an authorized doctor. Botox needs to be done with expertise and precision. If you love your skin look for an authorized and well-known doctor and Revitalize You MD.
  • Listen to the doctor for the post measures so that you don’t end up having bruises.
  • Avoid packed and canned food. Go for more green vegetables, fruits, and healthy food.

Botox is mostly done to avoid wrinkles and sag skin but many times Botox is also done to achieve a certain facial feature like a perfect jawline or a flat forehead. It also helps to have a fat-free face which enhances all the facial features. 

Today the appearance of a person matters the most. Any person who wants to delay or postponed the aging of skin should go for Botox. Appearance gives comfort and confidence in life. It boosts the morale of a person. It makes you look attractive and also gives you recognition in life.

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