Change The Way You Look At Your Nutrition

Our relationship with food and goes far beyond a cold calculation of what our bodies need to operate in the most efficient and effective way. Very few of us eat only what our bodies actually require for any given circumstance, and nothing more. We eat different foods for many reasons: we may be bored, or upset, or many of us eat food because it is part of a routine.

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To get the most out of your program of nutrition and fitness, try to see the food you eat as fuel for your body and not as reward. Especially if you are trying to lose weight, you need to be in calorie deficit: to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you eat. Achieving an optimal level of calorie deficit is not as straightforward as it might sound. Ideally, you should aim for steady weight loss. If you try to lose weight too quickly by effectively starving your body, your system is likely to react by slowing your metabolism down, in an attempt to store energy and you will fail trying to lose weight. This is because the body is adapting to a constant shortfall in energy supplies. It also means that the calories you do eat are more likely to be laid down as fat as your body becomes more efficient at storing calories for later energy requirements as it is effectively unsure when the next meal will be.

To be able to lose weight, eat 500 calories per day less than you burn. Make smart food choices and eat small, regular meals 5 to 6 times per day so that you keep your metabolism stimulated, and you have a constant supply of energy supplied by complex carbohydrates which will give you a sustained release. Avoid processed sugary or fatty foods which tend to give a blood spike energy rush followed by a depleting crash. Larger meals can also have a similar effect – just think about how tempting it is to take a nap when you have eaten a big lunch or dinner.

Best strategy to do if you want to lose weight. Also bear in mind that the amount of energy you will burn on any given day. You will therefore need to get more calories on days you workout to stay properly fuelled than on days when you are resting. Try to think of your body as a car, and the food you eat as the fuel you put into it. On days you are working out, you will need more fuel (calories) to complete your journey. On rest days, you won’t be going anywhere, you are just ticking over, so your body will need less fuel (calories). Be clinical about your requirements, and then you can shape your diet to meet your goals.

That doesn’t mean to say that you should not enjoy your food. Even on a calorie deficit diet , there is huge scope for many fabulous tastes and flavors. Make good choices, and remember fresh foods will nearly always be a better choice than processed foods. Fresh fruit and vegetables and good quality sources of lean protein such as fish and chicken will always be a better choice than processed foods such as fast food or convenience foods. Conclusion, to lose weight keep it simple.

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