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Goodbye to Inefficient Training and Say Hello to Results Before I came on board full time at AST Sports Science I worked in gyms doing a variety of tasks from answering phones to emptying trash. Although I wore many hats, my main responsibility was to train people and set up workout schedules for them to follow like mentioned on Testogen review. I also fielded all kinds questions from the very common sets and reps stuff to some really off the wall things.

I have always equated being a trainer to being like a bar tender. As people became comfortable they often started to disclose more personal subject matter. In fact, some of the things I heard may require me to get therapy down the road but that is a whole other article.

Over the years I logged many hours inside gyms. If you added up my training time plus my working hours you’d no doubt find that I spent more time there than any place else.

Just like you, I love the environment and didn’t mind “living” in the gym. That is where I met some of my lifelong friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade those times for anything.

During my tour of duty as the resident fitness guru I saw many people come and go. Some people were all fired up to start some serious training and then I never saw them again after about a month.

Others remained and worked out for years. Same “Bat Time”, same “Bat Channel.” You could set your watch according to when they arrived at the gym every day.

The funny thing is, some of those people never changed. They worked out every day for years yet looked no different. At the time I didn’t really give it a second thought, I just went about my business.

It wasn’t until my knowledge and understanding of Max-OT started to grow that the picture became clearer. The crux of the problem lay with their less then ideal training approach. What didn’t become clear was why these people were settling for no results?

Why would you surrender to working out every day yet build little to no muscle? If it were any other endeavor, I highly doubt you would continue to work for nothing and would start to examine your approach to find a better, more productive way.

If you were not producing at your job and continually falling short of your quota, you would be required to find an improved method to get the job done. Either that or you’d be in an unemployment line real soon.

My point is how long do you have to do something that isn’t working to know that it isn’t working. Why settle for less from your workouts than you would in any other part of your life. You are putting in the effort and you should be seeing results. If not, you need to do something different.

People don’t like to think they are wrong and they sure don’t like the idea that they’ve wasted countless workouts for little to no results. Instead of examining their methods it’s as if they’d rather train day after day with the same approach and look the same year after year.

It’s time to stop justifying the old training methods that are getting you nowhere and time to start building muscle.

The answer isn’t as complicated as you may think. There is no magic involved here just a sound approach to training based on the physiological principles that best stimulate muscle growth. That approach is Max-OT.

You aren’t going to grow gobs of muscle just by going to the gym and going through the motions. Furthermore, you can work your butt off in the gym with great intensity but if that intensity is misdirected with inefficient training your results will suffer just the same.

Muscle growth doesn’t happen in the gym but that is certainly where it starts. How effectively you stimulate your muscles to grow is directly related to your training scheme.

Make sure your muscle building efforts start off on the right foot with the Max-OT principles and say hello to new results like never before.

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