Ebay Or Affiliate Marketing Which One Is Better

People get online every single day looking for a simple way to generate some extra money every month. When you get online you are literally bombarded with ideas and information showing you how to make money online. Alot of people either go the ebay route or the affiliate marketing route. But which one is better?

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Both have been proven to be very profitable but for me affiliate marketing is the way to go. Especially for newbies. Starting an ebay business requires more upfront effort then it does to start an affiliate marketing business. When it comes to ebay you have to first figure out what your going to sell. You then have to figure out will you purchase inventory or use a drop shipper. Once you figure that out you then have to figure out pricing points, shipping methods and much more.

With affiliate marketing you pick a product you want to promote and then you start promoting it. The merchant has already priced the product and the merchant houses the inventory. Your only job is to generate traffic so you can make money. For every sale you make you get a percentage. There is a zappos affiliate that makes a million a month just selling shoes. And yes you read that right, this guy makes a million a month from affiliate marketing.

If you pick a good niche and really work it, you can make alot of money. The sky really is the limit. If your interested in affiliate marketing start out with clickbank and promote a few products from there. Learn about the different ways you can market the products and start doing it. Article marketing and PPC are the most popular ways to advertise products online. If you don’t have alot of money to invest start of with article marketing and then make your way to PPC as you start making money.

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