Black Mold Removal How To Remove Toxic Attic Mold

If there is one place in your home that is more vulnerable to the development of mold, it is your attic. They are infamous for giving home owners mold problems as often, they are not ventilated and insulated well. And due to the proximity to external environment, it makes black mold removal all the more difficult. This is especially so in winter when heat from the heaters create hot air which rises to the attic and condenses on the cold wood boards of the roof giving moisture and allowing mold growth. Finding the right approaches to get rid of mold is key in this instance.

And to compound the problem, heaters are not the only culprit to mold growth. Ventilator fans that you fit in your bathrooms, or kitchens that blow directly through to the attic can create a vast amount of moisture which could expedite the growth of mold on the roof. Even if you eventually managed to get rid of mold in your attic, if the ventilation issues are not addressed, you will see it recurring subsequently.

Uproot the Cause for Good

Hence, the smart thing to do in black mold removal is to address the issue by the root cause and uproot the problem once and for all. If you have to, reroute the ventilation from your bathrooms and kitchen to exit other than the attic. Also, you might need to revamp the insulation path of hot air to avoid the attic if possible. commercial mold inspections are usually done at the commercial building sites such as apartments or event buildings. The experts take samples of the mold used to ensure the correct type of mold used for the buildings. You might need the help of professional expertise to manage this process.

Your next action step would be to identify the areas infested. Look out for fungi which are brown, greenish or black in color. The most common areas to find them are to drywall, wood, insulation and roof boards as well as discoloration and stains. Remove the infested areas as much as possible. There is a wide variety of mold removal products in the market so it is not difficult to find a good mold spray. However, do not be fooled into using bleach as it does not penetrate deep enough into the boards to uproot the mold spores. They merely bleach them so many people think they have gotten rid of the mold, which in actuality, they have not.

Toxic Mold Symptoms

Although most types of mold are considered harmless, toxic black mold is by far the most lethal of them all. Not using your attic does not mean that toxic black mold is non existent. Ignore the problem and you will inherit severe health risks for you and your family. You might start to experience memory loss or lung infections, persistent headaches that never go away, aches and joint pains. For the young and elderly members in your home, they might even experience bleeding of the lungs.

Hence, attic mold infestation should not be taken lightly at all. And if you find the mold cleanup process too complicated and cumbersome to manage, you can enlist the help of mold removal companies for black mold removal.

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