Best Ways To Minimize Fat Gain While Bulking

Bulking doesn’t always have to mean you become a stinking fat bloated mess. In fact, it’s counterproductive to bulk in such a fashion. No matter what, every time you bulk you will gain some fat. You want to gain modest amounts of fat that can be gotten rid of in a few weeks in a short cutting cycle.

Many hard gainers say, well I’m skinny I don’t care about fat, I just need mass period. Well as a genetic hard gainer myself, I can tell you that thinking will eventually lead to trouble. First off the fat has to come off eventually. Putting on fat is putting on fat, whether you are skinny or not. Yes, when you are skinny you can get away with more fat gains, but the thinking leads to the obsession of bulking up and letting your fat get out of control to unhealthy levels.

I been there and done that many times. As an excuse, I would always say to myself “I’m a hard gainer who can easily get it off when needed”. It’s much easier said than done. When your body fat percent gets really high, it can take months of dieting strictly if you are doing it without the best hgh supplements. It is very hard to stay consistently on a diet for months and it’s lost time you could be gaining muscle instead of losing it during a cut.

Best Tips to minimize fat gain while bulking

  1. Don’t gain weight too fast. Your body can handle a calorie surplus and respond to weight training, but your muscles will only grow so fast. How fast they grow depends on genetics so I won’t give an exact amount. Our body isn’t made to respond exactly to what stimulus we give it. So if for example, you grow one pound of muscle on 150 calories above maintenance, giving yourself 1500 calories extra a day doesn’t mean you’re going to grow 10 lbs of muscle a week! Bulking slowly is the best way to go. The average person should probably gain weight about 1 lb a week, but it depends on the person. Some can gain a little fast and some less and fat before fat becomes a problem.
  2. Use progressive overload. You must keep your muscles adapting to your training so they have a reason to grow. If you are bulking via a high-calorie diet, but don’t try to apply progressive overload also to make your workouts harder each week you’re going to gain fat more easily instead of muscle. Try to make your workout harder by adding more reps, weight, sets, or intensity each time to some or all of your sets. You don’t have to gain every week on every single set and exercise, but you should try to do better on every exercise every time if you can.
  3. Bulk at a lean bodyfat percent. You might want to check out a previous article of mine. Optimal Bodyfat Percent to Bulk and Cut where I go into why if you don’t want too much of your gains to be fat, you should bulk at a lean bodyfat percent.

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