Quickest Way To Lose Weight Do It The Healthy Way

What is the quickest way to lose weight? Is there any anyway? Of course there is, it may not be the same for everyone, but the truth is that the 2 principles you should follow to lose weight (eating better, exercising more) apply here. No miracle, but if you want something that gives results fast you may have to make things a little harder.

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It’s actually not harder to do, but harder to stand. If you want to create a caloric deficit and at the same time exercise intensely you should also know that an intense workout requires energy.

Some people may look for shortcuts, but are shortcuts healthy? I’m not really into supplements but some may help you to recover faster, get you more proteins, burn fat etc.

Making attraction of this, here’s what you should do to lose weight the quickest way:


  • Drink water

This may be be the only drink you need. Forget alcohol, sodas and anything that you know makes you fat. Green tea is great, coffee is not that bad but don’t abuse it.

  • Reduce your fat intake, increase proteins

Looks like basic. It is. If you’re looking for QUICK fat loss, you will need to reduce fat so your body burns your fat store. With an increase of proteins you’re feeding your muscles with enough energy so your body doesn’t burn muscle tissue when you get an intense workout.

Avoid fat, sugar, salt… the basics.

Eat 5-6 meals per day.

You’ll have to fraction your meals, instead of having 3 big meals per day, eat 6 times per day, smaller meals. This will tell your body energy comes more frequently and so it doesn’t need to store those calories into fat.


  • Weight training – Intense Workout

Again for fat loss, I would recommend you train for more reps (like 15-20). Weights may be lighter than if you want to build muscle, but the 15-20 reps range should be very challenging. Also keep your rest time very short. You can make a circuit out of several exercises.

Target the largest muscle groups (legs, chest, back). Also have exercises that make you move the weight on a long distance. For example, clean and press suggest you take the weight off the floor upto your chin and press overhead. Look for dumbbell snatch, they’re extremely powerful. You may only be able to do 12 reps. If you make 2 or 3 circuit rounds you’re going to be exhausted.

Get this workout 3-4 times per week, alternating with HIIT days (below)

  • High intensity Interval Training

This is the intense cardio way to keep your metabolism elevated hours and hours after you’re done. Interval training is alternating moderate and fast pace training. So if you run, you may do normal jogging and alternate with fast jogging. A very intense HIIT is known as the Tabata method:

20 seconds sprint, 10 sec rest. 8 times. A total of 4 minute, but you will want to add a warm up and cool down jogging so you don’t shock your muscles and hurt yourself. When you sprint, give it all. You certainly won’t reach your max speed on each sprint, but you keep the intensity at the maximum by going to the max you can.

You can play with the rest/effort times. You’re not forced to do sprints, this is an advanced version.

Do this 3-4 times per week, alternating with weight training days.

That’s it. The quickest way to lose weight is just the normal way to lose weight, pushed harder. I have not recommended any pills of some sort, please make your own challenge, don’t rely just on pills and supplements.

Now you should be aware of your own fitness level. You need to be prepared to shock your metabolism when you go into intense training. You may even keep your diet as it is and see results with training alone, then change your diet. This is how fast that you want to lose weight that should answer that question.

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