Male Cosmetic Surgery Otoplasty

Cosmetic surgery for men and women both aims to correct and enhance our physical characteristics or impairments of our body. Sometimes, the operation is meant to treat a truly horrifying disfigurement. Sometimes it is a disfigurement that exists only in our minds. But is that any less real?

As time passes and culture changes, men are becoming more sensitive to their bodies and to their appearance. The insults hurled by other men can be extremely hurtful. While toughening up and ignoring the emotional scarring is one way to cope, male cosmetic surgery is another.

One area that some men are sensitive to is the ears. Large ears floppy ears that frame the face like the handle of a mug have been ridiculed for a long time. Not even Prince Charles can escape the abuse his jug ears bring. It has been lampooned in editorial cartoons and internet websites. Other persons couldn’t take the taunts and because of cosmetic surgery, they really don’t have to.

Otoplasty or ear reshaping has a large effect on the face. It can easily change the shape and overall appearance, especially for men. The short hairstyles that many men have to expose the ears for the world to see. A badly shaped ear can very easily ruin a man’s face but that just means a reshaped ear can make a man look more attractive easily. This effect boosts the self-confidence of many males. will share all the precautions that you need to take as you go for Otoplasty.

Ear correction is a relatively simple cosmetic surgery for men. This is easily done on an outpatient basis. The operation requires only local anesthesia although general anesthesia can be requested. It takes one hour and a half for easy surgeries while complex ones can take up to five hours.

Patients for this male cosmetic surgery must be at least four years old. The ears are fully grown by then. Most adults can easily qualify for this procedure. As always, patients are advised to keep their expectations in check.

After ear pinning or ear reshaping, the ears will be covered in bandages for about a week. The stitches and the bandages are removed together. The results of the surgery can be seen immediately. However, complete recovery can take up to six weeks. There are very few side effects to this cosmetic surgery for men. These risks are limited to infections, overcorrection, loose sutures, blood clots, and hearing loss. The last is rarely happens at all. Otoplasty is the safest male cosmetic surgery of all.

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