How To Do The Setup Of The Lords Bot?

Lords Mobile Bot is actually an auto clicker program which will farm resources related to unlimited accounts by utilizing scripts and improved image recognition macros. Some of the best things which you can get with Lords Mobile Bot can make your experience of the gameplay easy and smooth.

  • Running the unlimited Farm accounts
  • Availability in both IPhone and Android
  • Availability in MAC and Windows PCs
  • Auto-play of the game for the users
  • One of the fastest methods for growing accounts
  • 24×7 support for the software

How you can use the Lords Mobile game bot:

You need to first download the APK file. You will get a zip file for this. You need to extract the file in your disk. You will find a program file inside the folder. You need to click on the same and run it. After that it will show you the option to create an account. First create an account and then click on the account twice to start the game.

You need to rename the account you have created. You can then change the configuration of the bot building and save the same for future. You should change all the configuration by yourself as per your convenience it is suggested to turn off the Auto Forge option under the tab Bot Settings.

Best features:

You are going to get some of the amazing features with Lords mobile automated.

Easy to use:

Account management will be absolutely simple with this Bot software. You may have too many accounts. However, with the account management system of the bot the user will be able to manage all the accounts perfectly. In fact, with the single touch on a button you will be able to create a new account. You can then link the new account with your previous accounts by the help of Google and Facebook logins.

Whether it is a small account or a hyper one, you will be able to run both the accounts in the most convenient way. You will get settings for yourself as a user. You will find numerous options in this bot. The user interface is designed in such a way that you can use it easily.

No necessity of emulators:

Being one of the standalone applications, these bots will be able to run by its own. It doesn’t need support of the Android emulators. It is very useful for saving power. Because of this, as a user you will be able to run multiple accounts because the computing power required in this case will be on the lower side.

Apart from that the bots are considered to be extremely time saving because you will remain assured that the accounts of Lords mobile automated are going online. You can play by pushing just a single button. Account growth will happen extremely fast.

With some of the amazing other features like auto monster hunting, auto gathering, auto guild bank, auto supplying, auto training, auto buildings research and talents, auto familiars, auto skirmish, auto guild fest, auto treasure trove, auto switching crafting and upgrading of equipment, inventory management, asking and sending help, hiring and levelling up of the auto heroes and many others, these bots are very much helpful for a smooth gameplay.

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