Before And After Weight Loss – What are the changes?

I have to say that one of the most trying periods in my life has been during my weight loss journey. This is because many were the times that I nearly gave up along the way and sometimes felt too lazy to continue with my exercise regime and diet. I have however come to learn that all the effort was well worth it! I currently weigh about 130lbs down from the previous 200lbs. This has made me experience some great changes in my quality of life as I am no longer as limited by my weight as I was before. Just read on to learn this difference before and after my weight loss.


While I was still weighing the 200lbs, I experienced a lot of health complications which were the driving force that led me to start exercising and dieting. Some of these problems included:

Loss of Breath

One of the problems that I faced on a daily basis was the constant loss of breath. This was occasioned by even the smallest of tasks and walking up a few staircases would get me panting and sweating uncontrollably. My chest always felt like it would burst the next moment. It also prevented me from undertaking activities which I deemed as being too demanding which rendered me to a large extent dependent on others. You should know the changes in the weight with the purchasing of hunger suppressant from online stores. All the requirements of the people are fulfilled with the purchase of the right products. The demand for the suppressant is increasing for the burning of calories of the people. 

High Blood Pressure

This is one problem you would not wish on your worst enemy due to its severity. Despite this, I had to deal with it on a daily basis stemming from my large weight. It was occasioned by a sharp pain on my chest which my doctor informed me was due to my heart struggling to pump blood. As if this was not enough, she told me that it could only get worse if I did not lose some weight. This was enough to set the alarm bells ringing and got me into a gym!

Sleep Apnea

I had a lot of trouble sleeping due to this great weight. I was often forced to spend sleepless nights since I could simply not sleep comfortably as I not only had trouble breathing while asleep and also snored very loudly. I woke up each morning feeling fatigued and very drowsy as I did not have enough sleep. Browsing through the internet, I learnt that these were the tell-tale symptoms of sleep apnea which was caused by being overweight.

Low Self Esteem

I would not really call it a health complication but it was one of the things that I greatly experienced due to being overweight. I always wanted to have that nice bikini body and fit into those lovely dresses that I always admired. The inability to do this due to my weight made me have a low self- esteem. This was one of the major reasons behind what ultimately became my weight loss journey.


I undertook a strict regimen of exercising as well as controlling my diet. This was all aimed at attaining a desirable weight. Following months of commitment, sweat and sacrifice; I have been able to shed close to 30lbs and still going strong. My life has greatly changed as I now enjoy some great health benefits which I could not before. These include:

Improved breathing

The first thing that I have noticed ever since I started exercising and dieting is that I am able to breathe better. I no longer gasp for air when doing simple tasks such as climbing a fleet of stairs. This is because my exercise regime has made me more active and in the process my airways have opened up and take in more air! This has enabled me to perform more vigorous activities without feeling the slightest effects of lack of air.

Improved Mobility

One of the activities I often found hard to do while I was still overweight was moving from one place to another. I found it hectic as well as tiring and therefore I preferred just sitting around. After shedding weight though, I am finding it extremely easy to move around. You would no longer find me on my office desk during breaks as weight is no longer an impediment to my movement.

Better Sleep

I have to say that one of the things I enjoy most about weighing less than before is the fact that I have better sleep each night. I no longer find it hard to sleep as the apnea is now a thing of the past. I no longer experience breathlessness when sleeping in addition to snoring less. This in effect has made me wake up each morning feeling very relaxed and energetic; ready for the day ahead.

Improved Health and Immunity

Being healthy is paramount to any other thing in life. It was the realization that my large weight was an impediment to achieving good health that made me employ various techniques with an aim of getting myself in shape. After losing weight, I have noted with satisfaction that my health has greatly improved as things such as high blood pressure do not trouble me. I have also realized that my immunity has somewhat improved since I no longer suffer from minor diseases such as common colds as often as I did before.

I Feel Better

Ever since I started losing weight, I have felt better and better with every pound I lost. This is because I could look at myself in the mirror and appreciate myself and my efforts even more. This is because I have been able to eliminate all the extra pounds that were pulling me back and I have gotten to my ideal size and can be able to dress in all those nice dresses I have always desired. My friends and colleagues have also noticed the change and are always giving me compliments. I would not want to say that I am getting spoilt, but I am enjoying every bit of my new me!

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