Doing Proper Detective Work To Identify Fake CBD Oil

The fight to legalize cannabis has certainly garnered traction over the years. Canada became the second country to legalize the recreational drug after a landmark verdict in the year 2018. Several US states have also legalized the use of cannabis and cannabis byproducts. However, there are still many challenges that consumers have to face. As the cannabis industry is in infancy, a large number of fake or counterfeit sellers have emerged online and offline. These fake products such as fake CBD oil have no effect and only leave you wondering about how you wasted your money. Here are some tips for you to avoid counterfeit CBD oil products.

Have knowledge of what CBD oil is

Before you rush to the store to purchase CBD oil or any other cannabis-related product, always do proper research on what the product offers. The problem with cbd oil or cannabidiol is that unlike other cannabis-related products, the effect of CBD is rather subtle. This means that cannabidiol doesn’t produce a high effect associated with regular cannabis or marijuana. So if you come across any seller promising that CBD oil will make you high, you can be assured that the seller is a phony. That being said, this trait also makes it difficult to evaluate the effects of CBD oil after intake, so you won’t know if the product you purchased is legit or not. Thankfully, more regulations are expected to be put in place and these should certainly help anyone identify whether the CBD oil they purchase is legit or not.

The effects of chemicals

Weed/Hemp plants are generally quite hard to grow. As a result, many companies have begun adding toxic chemicals to plants in an effort to increase production quickly to sell it to the general public.  Here’s why hemp is quite difficult to grow:

  • Climate plays a major role in the growth of every plant and hemp is no different. In some cases, the provider may not have the correct climate to grow a specific strain of the plant requested by the consumer.
  • As is the case with other plants, hemp is also vulnerable to insects and pests that can destroy the plant thus ruining production. This is a major reason why growers turn to pesticides and chemicals to ward off insects and safeguard their plants.
  • In many cases, hemp is grown with a focus on increasing either THC or CBD as per the demands of the consumer. This customized type of growth can lead to the plant being even more vulnerable to climate and pests.

Besides, providers may also use certain substances called growth boosters. These growth boosters cause the plants to grow larger than normal, thus leading to an increase in production at the expense of public safety.

Nonetheless, there are still organic and natural ways to counter some of the above-mentioned problems. For instance, farmers may grow other plants to confuse the insects. This acts as a shield for the hemp plants. Although this method requires more manual labor, it is also far safer.

Reckless practices

Growing hemp requires care and attention round the clock. Not cleaning or checking on hemp can lead to fungal and bacterial growth. This is especially common when hemp plants are stored in damp areas before processing. Other unwanted foreign objects can make their way into the final product, thus reducing both efficiencies of cannabidiol as well as it’s safety.

Identifying and buying legit CBD oil

To start with off, it’s strictly advised to not buy cbd oil from Amazon. Not only are there a vast majority of fake products sold on the website, Amazon themselves don’t allow the sale of any type of CBD based products. When it comes to offline purchasing, convenience stores and gas station stores are also major culprits. If you are looking for a place to purchase real CBD oil you should check more about nuleaf naturals. Nuleaf naturals sell CBD oil by strictly abiding by ethical practices. All products on nuleaf naturals undergo rigorous testing to ensure the highest degree of safety for consumption. Nuleaf naturals are also verified and used by many people looking for their cannabis fix.

It’s always good to ensure that whatever cannabis product you purchase is organic and real. This will save you both time and money.

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