How to Deep Fry a Turkey

“You can fry anything.” Heard that saying before? Here in the South, we fry a lot of things. During the holidays, a lot of people choose to deep fry their turkeys! Even though it’s fried, the turkey is still moist inside and not greasy as you’d think. Why don’t you try a deep-fried turkey this year – here’s the guide that will help you in your preparation and frying.

You’ll need a 30-60 quart, tall pot with a basket inside that will hold your turkey. You’ll also need a small propane gas tank and a burner, of course, for the pot to sit on. Bass Pro Shops and other stores sell turkey fryer packages this time of year. Bass Pro’s 30 quart fryer comes with the pot and lid, burner, regulator, turkey rack and hook, and 12″ thermometer. This is perfect for beginners and small families. Anyway, make sure you have a thermometer to keep record of the oil temperature, a meat thermometer, and 3 – 4 gallons of peanut oil.

Place the turkey fryer on level ground outdoors. Put the aluminum pot on the burner, and pour the oil into the pot. You don’t want to fill the pot entirely with oil because, obviously, the turkey is going to displace most of it. Three to Four gallons is typical. Use less if you need to. Now, start the burner and heat the oil. You’ll want the oil thermometer to read 325 to 350 degrees. This can take 20 to 30 minutes to reach. As always, you will want to keep an eye on this oil.

Let’s talk about the turkey. When picking out the turkey to fry, go for a smaller one. A 14-15lb whole turkey is fine, but the smaller the better. Wash the turkey good and remove the neck and giblets. Dry it, and then rub it down with your favorite spices. Another thing you can do is buy an injector that allows you to inject marinade directly into the bird.

When the oil is ready, put the turkey in the basket or on the rack (whichever you have) and lower it slowly into the hot oil. Wearing mitts is encouraged. Let the turkey fry 3 to 3 and a half minutes per pound. Now, if you have just a bone-in turkey breast, you’ll fry it for 7 -8 minutes per pound.

Bring the turkey up out of the oil and check its temperature with the meat thermometer. If it reads 175-180, then the turkey is done.

Allow the oil to sit and cool before you dispose of it.Deep fried turkey is very tasty. Don’t just take my word for it – use this guide and try it for yourself. A visit can be made Here at the official sites for the purchase of the oven and fryer. The charges of the product will be under the budget prepared through the person. The ratings and reviews of the social site can be checked and purchase of the best can be made. A guide will be presented to the person for easy selection of the products.

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