Slim Mints: Suck Your Way to a Slimmer Figure

Slim Mints are another weapon in an arsenal to lose weight but do they work? If you are eating right, exercising and getting enough rest Slim Mints can help you lose weight but don’t expect to sit there, pop five at a time and see the fat miraculously fall off your body. Slim Mints are made to give you a slight energy boost but they are not marketed as an energy product. The green tea leaves and extract in the formulation is above average for a mint but it isn’t anything that is going to have you racing around the house and attacking that monster sized pile of laundry that has been stacking up for a week.

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You can choose between peppermint and green tea; I have purchased and consumed both flavors and liked them but they were an expensive habit. The tins retail anywhere from $1.50 to $2.50 depending on where you are shopping but I have seen them sell for as much as three dollars each at drug stores and the local 7-11. Are they worth the price? If you are trying to lose weight, control your appetite or quit smoking they are. When I tried (and failed) to quit smoking a few months ago I was downing a tin of these a day and that got to be as expensive as buying a pack of cigarettes. My solution, buy them in the multi pack at the restaurant supply store and pay $1.10 a tin. The figure of the body will be great with proper control over the body. Smoking will be quitted through the person when checking the resurge reviews at online sites and search engines. The digestion of the person will be excellent for staying healthy and fit. The rates or charges of the pills should not be expensive for the pocket of the person with various benefits. 

The green tea flavor is smooth and doesn’t have a true ‘bite’ to it like the peppermint but both of them are nice. I am a peppermint kinda chick so I found myself reaching for that flavor more than the green tea. The guys at the shop liked the green tea ones more than the peppermint so it worked out well for everyone. If you are someone that can’t suck on a mint without biting into them after a minute or two then chances are you are going to end up going through these a lot quicker than expected. The tins are well made and close securely but I have had a couple of them pop open if I tossed them in my backpack and forgot about them for a week or so. If you try them and like them, get them in the three or six packs to save yourself some money.

There’s no suggested amount to take but I usually pop one or two of them when I need a little kick or want to get rid of the taste of something that I ate and can’t crush my teeth. More than anything, these are a breath mint first and something that can help control cravings second. It will give you a slight kick but once you get used to them, that kick is almost non-existent. The peppermint ones do seem to have a little more of a burst to them but that is probably from the mint flavoring more than any of the other ingredients.

Do Not Exceed Ten Mints A Day:

The only real warning on the tin is that you shouldn’t consume more than ten mints per day. Why? Well, there is a lot of green tea in it and that could give you the jitters if you are sensitive to caffeine. The amount of Splenda per mint is about a half a gram so I can’t see that causing too much trouble for most people. To my and in my opinion, the Chromium Picolinate could be the reason for the ten mint per day maximum. Some people will say that there is a 1,2000 MCG maximum RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) but others say that 2,000 MCG is the max. Each Slim Mint contains 400 MCG of Chromium Picolinate so you do the math as to what ten, fifteen or twenty would be if you choose to exceed the daily recommended consumption level.

Slim Mints are a nice way to have a treat without having a lot of extra sugar in your diet; that doesn’t mean that you can live off them or that they should take the place of eating real food. They contains Splenda so if you have ever had any problems with it causing diarrhea it would be a good idea to avoid eating these in mass quantities. Whether you go with the Peppermint or Green Tea flavor, both of them will give you a small kick when you need it but it isn’t made to be an energy product. You can find more information on Slim Mints by visiting their official site at: The site is linked to the manufacturer’s page so you will be able to check out all the incredible products that they sell as well as taking advantage of the ‘free’ three day trials they have to offer.

Pros: Two flavors, sweetened with Splenda, helps curb appetite.

Cons: Expensive when compared to other mints.

The Bottom Line: This won’t strip the fat off you but it can help with cravings

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