The Ultimate Guide to Pump Up Work-out Songs

Scientific experiments have shown that those who work out with music are able to work out for longer and at higher intensities throughout the duration of the work-out. Here are some tunes to keep you pumped up for the duration of your work-out… and maybe a little longer.

1) Smooth Criminal — Alien Ant Farm

This will really get your blood pumping. The intense drums and guitar will definitely give you a rhythm to run, bike, stretch, or do anything else to. If you need a kickstart this will get you going.

2) Mr. Brightside — The Killers

It’s a sad-happy-go-lucky song. Great for cool down or warm up. It always manages to put me in a good mood. Even if I don’t feel like working out, this will make me want to.

3) Somebody Told Me — The Killers

This is just a fun song… with possible homosexual undertones. “Somebody told me that you a had boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year…” Hm….

4) Beautiful Disaster — 311

Throbbing bass get you started on this one as intense drums join in. If you just want to zone you can really get lost in the beat of this song. With periods of intense guitar and then melodic lyrics, this is great for interval training. Everytime the drums and guitars have a solo… step it up. Slow it down once the lyrics resume. 

5) Move Along — All American Rejects

This song provides the perfect motivation… move along. When you start to get tired and worn-out… this will keep you moving just from pure musical motivation.

6) My Happy Ending — Avril Lavigne

There’s nothing like a little teenage angst remembrance to get you fired up. This song about a relationship gone horribly wrong will definitely make you want to hit something… or someone. If there’s a punching bag available at your gym. Wrap up your hands and have at it with this song playing.

7) White Wedding — Billy Idol

Now where would any music list be without a little Billy Idol? This song starts out a little slow actually so feel free to skip to around the middle when he starts yelling “white wedding”. Or use it as a warm-up.

8) Ohio (Come Back to Texas) — Bowling for Soup

This is particularly wonderful if you happen to be away from home (i.e. Texas) and need a little reminding of how much you’re missed. This is also just a fun song. What other song has the words “Cleveland, Willie Nelson, and fruit pies” in it?

9) Cell Block Tango — Soundtrack to Chicago with Catherine Zeta-Jones

If nothing else this song will get you feeling sexy. Unless of course you’re a man… and the subject of the song… in which case you die. But for all the women this is a great song to get you hyped and feeling great.

10) Everybody’s Fool — Evanescence

Once you get tired of feeling sexy this is a song for the non-conformist. The person who says “Screw all you pretty elliptically trained svelte bodies! I’m hitting the hard core weights!” Take it as you wish.

11) Your Song — Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge Soundtrack)

This is the perfect cool down or break-time song before you get going again. The slow and easy beginning gives way to full-blown lung wrenching vocals that put Pavoratti to shame… well maybe not Pavoratti, but you get the point. After a little bit of relaxing, you’ll be ready to go again.

12) Take Me Out — Franz Ferdinand

Nice drums. Good rhythm. This band definitely has a unique sound to them so you may or may not like their music. I for one, love it. It’s almost a return to the innovation of the 60’s. In contemporary form of course.

13) When I Come Around — Green Day

Classic punk band. You may not be a fan of Green Day but this song will get you moving and into a rhythm. It’s a good thinking song. The lyrics don’t distract you and the music starts to haze after a little while. You may want to put this song near the beginning of your list when you’re still fresh and capable of thinking.

14) El Tango de Roxanne — Moulin Rouge Soundtrack

This song has also been performed by Sting but the Moulin Rouge version has a much rougher, harsher, more sultry feel to it. The Spanish sound to the song will make you want to salsa… or rather tango. So if you’re the dancing type, consider choreographing a piece to the song. This is also in a way one of those sexy songs. What is it about Latin culture that just oozes sex appeal?

15) Family Potrait — Pink

The hip-hop beat in this song would also make for a good choreography piece, but if you’re not a dancer it’s just great for distraction. This is one of the few great pop culture songs that combines not only great musical artistry but wonderful lyrics as well. This song will take you from thinking about the physical pain you’re in to the emotional pain of the singer.

16) When You’re Good to Mama — Queen Latifah (Chicago Soundtrack)

Jazzy and suggestive, Queen Latifah goes a superior job of belting this fun and energetic song. Some of it can be rather slow so you might want to consider using it as a warm-up, cool-down, or break time song.

17) It’s the End of the World As We Know It — R.E.M.

Try keeping pace with this song and you will be sweating in no time. Really, just try. Try to match the rhythm of this speedy, auctioneer like song while you’re biking, running, or whatever… and you’ll be exhausted by the time it’s over.

18) Never Had a Friend Like Me — Aladdin

Another jazzy song. Everyone who has ever had kids or baby-sat for kids knows this song and the movie Aladdin as well. Just try not singing along with this while striding away on the elliptical. You may get some strange looks but the fun of this song will totally be worth it.

19) The Dark of the Matinee — Franz Ferdinand

This is the band with the unique sound from before. This is another of their great songs with great variance in tempo so you can really vary the intensity of your work-out.

20) Eye of the Tiger — Rocky

Need I say more? No list would be complete without…. Eye of the Tiger.

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