Keyword Density, Prominence, and Frequency: Important SEO Concepts

It is imperative that a successful SEO practice is supported by keywords and key phrases. Without the right keyword, the owner will be bled dry whereas a good keyword can bring in money to have a successful site. Once you have found that all-important keyword, you have made the first step but it is not enough. You also have to have the knowledge of how to make it work for you so that the search engine can find the good information on your page resulting in a high search engine ranking. As you get in touch with Dynamics Digital SEO Agency to accomplish this goal you must have some knowledge of the importance of frequency, prominence, and keyword density.


Of the concepts of content optimization, density is the most important and the best understood. It used to be that site ranking was dependent on how many times the search engine detected the search term on the site. The practice of keyword stuffing, a black hat marketing technique, was prevalent. This simply means that the keyword was placed on the site as often as possible, even to the point of using a colored part of the site that blended into the background and cramming the keyword onto it as much as possible and then repeating the keyword in every sentence contained on the page. This caused many sites with poor content to have a top ranking on the search engines. Search engines now test for the keyword density to be about 2 to 5 percent which would be the equivalent of 3-7 times per paragraph. PageRank will very possibly rate any content that exceeds this percent by any appreciable margin lower since there is a possibility of substandard content.


The first part of the content usually contains what is the most relevant so search engines look there for keyword prominence. Search engine algorithms are set up to weight keywords placed near the start of the paragraphs since this is the way most internet surfers will search. They will look at a site for a couple of seconds and will move on if they don’t find the information they are seeking. The primary keyword should be placed at the beginning of every paragraph and first thing in the page content. Long-tail keywords should be placed in the second half of the paragraphs because the placement is not as crucial with them because of the lesser competition.


As stated, all paragraphs should have the keyword in it and they should be spread out throughout the content of the page. If the keywords are bunched up in one place the search engine may detect a higher keyword density than is acceptable and rate your content lower, conversely, this would leave the other areas of your page without enough keyword density and the search engine would disregard it as being relevant to the search. A balance is important to get high ranking and to be recognized. Keyword placement may not work well for all search engines since they do not all decide the quality of a site in exactly the same way. Experimenting with keyword placements on different sites is a good idea to see what works best with which engine and it gives you the flexibility to optimize your success.

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