How to Shape and Groom Eyebrows at Home

It is amazing the difference your eyebrows can make in your overall appearance. Eyebrows that are not well maintained make your entire face look tired and not pulled together. You may take care of yourself, but unruly eyebrows are distracting and will cause people not to notice the rest of your beauty. Eyebrow maintenance needs to happen on a regular basis. Going to the salon every week or two can get tiring, and even though salon eyebrow costs are minimal they still add up. It is possible to care for your eyebrows at home and get great results. You just need the proper tools and techniques. Here are some tips.

  1. Asses the Best Shape for Your Eyebrows – You need to start off with a good eyebrow shape. You don’t want them to be too bulky or too thin. You don’t want a uni-brow and you don’t want eyebrows that start too far off to the side. You want a slight arch, but you don’t want to be overly dramatic. First, you need to determine what parts of your eyebrows need to be tweezed. You need to imagine imaginary lines going up from the inside corner of your eyes to your eyebrows. This is where your eyebrows should start. You want to remove the hair between these two lines, but don’t go any farther over or your eyebrows will look over-plucked and unnatural. Your arch should be directly above the center of your eyebrow. The higher the arch the more dramatic the effect will be, but you do not want the arch to be too high or for your eyebrows to be too thin.
  2. Prepare your Brows for Tweezing – Before you tweeze you will want to rub ice over the brows for 20 – 30 seconds. This will numb the area and make the tweezing process less painful. Take an eyebrow brush and brush your brows in the natural direction of hair growth. This will make stray hairs more apparent.
  3. Tweeze – When you are ready to tweeze you will need to make sure you have a nice pair of tweezers. Slant-tip tweezers work best and allow for more accuracy. My favorite tweezers are the Revlon Expert Tweezers with a Slant Tip. You can buy these at any drug store and they cost around $7. Tweeze the area that you pre-determined would be tweezed in Step 1. Take your time and be careful to pluck at hairs and not at skin. If you choose to pluck the hair above the eyebrow take extreme caution. Make sure that you are actually plucking stragglers and not your eyebrows themselves. If you happen to pluck at skin and bleeding occurs then stop what you’re doing and apply an antiseptic cream to the area.
  4. Accentuate – After you have tweezed your eyebrows into the perfect shape it’s time to accentuate this new feature. Use a brow pencil close to your natural hair color to define your eyebrows and fill in any gaps. I love Clinique’s Superfine Liner for Brows which is $13. Maybelline’s Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil also works well and it is about $7. Make sure to use light strokes. You do not want to overpower your eyebrows.

To help you more on getting your brows done, you may also consider checking some of the best tutorials online that you can get from reliable studios like NYC microblading. You can also get essential tips on how you can have perfect eyebrows.

If you follow these steps then over time grooming and maintaining your eyebrows at home will come naturally to you, and you will always have fantastic looking brows!

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