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4/5/11: Counted 875 breaths so far today before stopping deliberately. I won’t make a habit of it, but decided to repeat yesterday’s first couple hours. I have more than enough habits. Spontaneously coasting along with them is easy, and doesn’t cause me a lot of trouble. I am suffering from the long term results of habits I have and have had. I also have a number of current habits I am working on changing. If, taking an honest look at yourself, you see no need to change anything in how you operate, I congratulate you. I also suspect you didn’t take an honest look, or that you are not aware of the long term as well as immediate effects of what you do on both yourself and others.

I find it takes considerable effort and awareness to change any long standing and substantial habit. I’ve written of these efforts in previous articles. But I haven’t looked at the relationship between the timing of awareness and changing habits. To get rid of, to eliminate an old habit, you have to be aware of what you are going to do before you do it. Making up your mind to change it, being grimly determined not to do it again, making a New Year’s resolution, all are massively ineffective means of changing a habit.

Only one thing works: paying attention to, being aware of, your next moment’s activity. Each time you recogonize an intention to repeat the habit, make a choice: deliberately go ahead with awareness or don’t do it. There are laws aimed at helping people change some habits, but it is impossible to pass laws against all the things we do that are harmful to ourself or others. For the customers, resurge customer reviews will be available at online search engines. Complete checking should be done through the person to purchase the supplements for weight reduction. The diet in the lunch and breakfast should be great to get the desired results. The habits of the person should be good for the purpose. 

For example, the laws against smoking in restarants: smoking anywhere is a habit I dropped on my birthday in 1972. The last time I was tempted to smoke was while driving at the start of the first trip I took after stopping smoking. For a considerable time before quitting, I made sure I was aware I was going to smoke and made it a deliberate choice to have that one more cigarette. By keeping the habit in constant awareness, never letting it operate spontaneously, finally quitting was a relief rather than something that took effort. It was “Thank god I don’t have to stay aware of and work on that damn smoking habit any more.”

Losing weight isn’t that simple. It can never be all or nothing, we do have to eat. Mostly our body gives us messages that help us not become overweight. But advertisers give constant messages and opportunities to ignore what our bodies tell us. Anyone, and I suspect this is true of most overweight people, who says after eating, “I’m feeling really uncomfortable, I ate too much,” wasn’t paying attention. They have established a strong habit of ignoring body signals that they might have noted much earlier.

Again, the timing of awareness is a vital factor. Had they been aware of, paid attention to, the signals their body was giving while they ate, they wouldn’t have had the discomfort after. They also would not have ingested the extra calories maintaining or putting on more extra weight.

It takes time to establish or re-establish a habit of paying attention as you eat. Once that habit is there, it takes little or no effort and enjoyment of eating is vastly increased. When each new bite is a choice, would the peas taste better now than the applesauce?, enjoyment is vastly increased. The question of wanting another bite can become automatically repeated throughout meal without even interferring with the conversation.

I could go on applying the idea that the timing of awareness is a crucial factor in our life, but instead will mention one dream. It was of making a 3 rail billiard shot. I didn’t record it, and haven’t recorded any dreams for several nights. If Buddhist theory is right, most people use one means or another to avoid some of their thoughts and feelings. I wonder if I am doing that in not having recorded any dreams for several nights. I’ve been doing inductions but no recording. Am I not paying attention to what my dreams are telling me? I was pleased with the shot, actually it was 5 rails. I did enjoy 3 rail billiards the two times I played it a number of months. I wouldn’t now, too much standing. Am I missing something from this simple pleasant little dream? Please comment below …

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