Squirrels- Gift of Nature but With an Annoying Streak

Whenever we are out shopping, we make sure that it is strictly needed in the house at the moment and would last for a longer period of time and only then do we go ahead with the purchase.

There are certain occasions when we blindly purchase anything that the shopkeeper gives us and quotes much higher than the market price but we are in such a hurry that we get befooled and end up with a huge loss.

Everyone has a garden in the backside of their house these days as it has become a practice to take up gardening after retirement for something to do while others start it right from childhood.

Controlling Menace

Is it possible to find any person in existence that does not like gardens? It is considered a sacred place for nature lovers as you can find its numerous gifts coexisting amongst each other like numerous flowers, lush trees, watered grass and so many others.

It is also full of domestic animals like birds, squirrels, etc. and also the perfect place to take your pets out for a morning and evening walk as the doctors always advise to walk for a few hours as the greenery provides you with a perfect platform where trees give out oxygen that is good for health.

The squirrels too delight in being pampered and fed but just like with children, this pampering makes them a bit spoilt while the birds are satisfied with bird seeds and desire nothing more.

There is also the nuisance of rats, rodents and bandicoots that tend to play spoilsport by chewing up the wood or leaves sometimes for fun and therefore it becomes important to control their menace.

Now keeping them in check is no rocket science provided you know how and where to look because where there is a will there is a way and the main reason why most people fail in managing the animals is due to their carelessness and negligence towards their attitude.

Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrels don’t hesitate in stealing bird seeds that rightfully belongs to the birds and it becomes annoying to handle them after sometime but that does not mean that they are bad and notorious but just a little naughty as it is their pamper induced attitude that is the problem.

Therefore, to keep them from stealing bird seeds, there is an ingenious solution at hand that would protect the birds’ food and they are called bird feeder that is quite an excellent tool to manage the situation.

Some of the best bird feeders are as follows:

  1. Caged Feeders- They are basically metal tubes that are resistant for certain garden animals that prevent squirrels and rodents from chewing off the seeds in their vicinity as they are constructed accurately and even large and more aggressive birds like the eagle
  2. Decorative Feeders- As the name suggests, the design is unique as it is decorated with attractive colors and multiple layers
  3. Bluster Plus- Now this one is a bit more interesting as it is a product of Brome has a warranty of nearly two years with a booby trap mechanism designed to trap squirrels whenever they are near the target but here it is important to mention that they don’t cause any harm to the young whippersnappers
  4. Perky Pet 336- It is made up of steel with a unique design made from leaf that deceives the squirrels into believing that they are closer to greenery but has a rigged mechanism that entraps them once they start chewing on the seeds
  5. Brome 1500- It is caged in metal format and the moment a squirrel climbs into it, the cage door automatically seals itself

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